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Variety of phases are produced while the production of nickel based superalloys. The common phases are gamma matrix and gamma prime. Gamma Matrix: The basic of whole Nickel Superalloys is gamma matrix. The regular phase is non-magnetic in nature and includes a face centered cubic configuration. Nickel doesn’t show great elastic modulus neither low diffusivity. … Continue reading Strengthening phases in Superalloys

The advancement of gas turbines has been the key force for the development of superalloys. These metallic materials are employed in the high temperature and corrosion resistant applications in the wide range of industrial sectors. Commonly the operation limits goes above 0.7 of melting point of a superalloy. The superalloys are categorized as following: 1.   Nickel … Continue reading Nickel Superalloys- Key of Aerospnce Engineering

Since superalloys remain under stress at the high temperatures for prolonged periods, a substantial creeping resistance is necessary. It is much crucial for cast blade alloys as these will be used in temperature conditions up to 1100oC however the disk alloys are commonly used below 700oC. For a certain stress and temperature limit, dual phase … Continue reading Superalloys Creep resistance and Applications

Nickel based Superalloys are an exclusive group of metallic substances  providing outstanding blend of elevated temperature strength, hardness and resistance to degradation in corrosive or oxidizing conditions. These materials are commonly employed in aircraft and power production turbine units, rocket engines and other industrial conditions such as nuclear power and chemical treatment plants. Exhaustive alloy … Continue reading High Temperature Functional Alloys

Earlier Superalloys were supposed to offer high strength and adequate resistance to oxidation. It was obtained with super alloys comprising of about above 20% chromium. Oxidation resistance at high temperature up to 982oC or 1800oF was considered outstanding. Although to improve the design versatility of nickel based super alloys, magnitude of chromium was lowered to add … Continue reading Protection of Superalloys from Corrosion