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Pure phosphoric acid has no influential oxidizing power and is categorized as a non-oxidizing acid as dilute sulfuric acid. Industrial phosphoric acid, although often contains contaminants like fluorides and chlorides that remarkably improve its corrosivity. Oxidizing compounds like ferric salts may also be available to influence corrosion. Probably due to change in magnitudes of impurity … Continue reading Alloys for Performance in Phosphoric acid

Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing agent hence, alloys offering the excellent resistance are those which produce passive oxide layers. The alloys containing crucial magnitude of chromium provide superior resistance as compare to those having lesser Cr content. While nickel based alloys provide high resistance to pure nitric acid,these are specifically effective in the combined … Continue reading Nickel based alloys- Performance in Nitric acid

In the present time, nickel based materials are utilized in buildings, water supply systems, food preparation, energy industry, chemical industry, transport industry, electronic parts and medical equipments. Nickel Properties High melting point up to 1453oC Reliable oxide layer Resists alkalis Ductile Alloys readily act as solute and solvent Magnetic at room temperature Deposited by electroplating … Continue reading Uses of Super-Metal Nickel

Nickel based super alloys are the proven materials for use in the chemical processing units. Since discovery, they have been verified for providing the desired performance in the chemical engineering plants much better than traditional austenitic stainless steels and super austenitic stainless steel grades. Hastelloy C and Hastelloy X grades are the latest developments that … Continue reading Heat and Corrosion resistant alloys for chemical units

Nickel with its extensive characteristics and applications, has now become a root of the industrial processing primary minerals. It is combined on the vast level with other metals to produce alloys with specific characteristics for example ductility, extremely high temperature strength, corrosion resistance, magnetic attraction and low expansion. With these and other characteristics, nickel offers … Continue reading Nickel based alloys- Applications, corrosion resistance and welding behavior