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The study includes evaluation of three major nickel based alloys such as Inconel 617, Incoloy 800 and Hastelloy X to determine their suitability for use in the future nuclear plants that are under design. The various components of nuclear reactors such as control rods, steam generators and heat exchangers are made from the high performance alloys. These … Continue reading Nickel alloys for high temperature heat exchangers in reactors

High performance and high corrosion resistant Nickel alloys such as Monel alloys, Inconel alloys, Incoloy alloys, Hastelloys for stringent deep well conditions around the world. The natural gas resources present deep under the earth contain extensively vigorous conditions of high temperature and very large pressure that using the stainless steels in these environments is a … Continue reading High Nickel alloys for Oil and Gas wells

Traditionally, CuNi alloy 90/10 has been employed in the marine based operations as it provides excellent resistance to bio-fouling, corrosion in fresh, seawater, brackish water and crevice corrosion. Copper-Nickel alloy 90/10 has good ductility, hardness and attractive appearance therefore it is an aesthetically appealing metal and fit for industrial operations, specifically for the marine industry such as … Continue reading Cupronickel 90/10 for seawater applications

Nichrome alloys have been traditionally used in the domestic and industrial heating operations. Major common heating elements are Nichrome A, Nichrome C, Nichrome D and NiCr 70/30. The Nickel-Chrome heating alloys have been in use since above a decade. They attain exceptional electric coefficient of resistivity to produce large amount of heat rapidly. The common … Continue reading Nichrome alloys for heating

Inconel alloy 718 withstands severe high temperature corrosion and stress conditions that occur in the jet engines. Heanjia Super-Metals manufactures high quality In 718 for heavy industrial aerospace applications. Inconel alloy 718 is a recommended industrial engineered metal for use in the construction of aircraft components that need to perform in the extensively high temperature … Continue reading Applications of Inconel 718 Super-alloy in aircraft industry