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FeCrAl alloy is used as catalytic substrate that is a metallic substrate offering various benefits as compare to ceramic substrates. A metallic substrate offers more resistance to shock and vibration, it offers higher conductance to heat rather than ceramic. Moreover,it can be manufactured easily in thin foil and offers honeycomb structure to render broad surface area … Continue reading FeCrAl Resistance Heating Alloy-Scaling Resistance

A fixed position electric heater produces heat through the passage of current to the heating element that is made of a Nichrome resistance heating wire Ni80Cr20. The Nichrome heating element can be covered in a metal sheath shielded with a magnesium oxide powder or can be kept in open coil geometry.Generally, the heating element is … Continue reading Nichrome in Fixed position electric heaters

A study was conducted to determine if nichrome resistance heating wire or stainless steel immersion heater is better for use to heat water in a boiler container. These two heaters were designed to provide power about 150W.  Introduction The aim of this analysis is to find which of the two conducting elements-Nichrome electric resistance heating … Continue reading Nichrome Wire or Stainless steel immersion heater! Which to choose?

Outstanding weldability was one of the basic goals in the alloy development programs. While the composition developed a matrix that was necessarily a solid-solution kind, the presence  of a relatively high content of niobium and its participation in a prolonged aging reaction caused concern for resistance to strain induced cracking while post-weld exposure to moderate … Continue reading Weldability features of Inconel alloy 625

Alkalies: Inconel alloy is the recommended material for handling ammonium hydroxide service or for elevated temperature applications that need resistance to sulfur corrosion. Inconel alloy is utilized to handle the alkaline sulfur solutions that are utilized in the production of sulfate or kraft paper. Inconel is fully resistant to ammonia solutions at the whole concentrations and … Continue reading Functionality of Inconel alloy in the various media