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Nickel Pipe There are two basic and chief Nickel compositions that are utilized in manufacturing nickel pipe –Nickel 200 and Nickel 201. Alloy 200 is a commercially pure wrought nickel alloy whilst alloy 201 is a low carbon version of alloy 200 that is used in applications where temperatures go high about 600of or 315oc. … Continue reading Industrial Pipe Materials and Installation

The performance of a magnet is based on a magnet field resulting in the magnetic induction of a metal or alloy. The magnetic field force H (A/m) produces magnetic induction B (Tesla) that is found by permeability µ = B/H. These correlations are determined by means of two coils enclosing a closed ring core, one … Continue reading Basis of Soft Magnetic Alloy-Uses of Permalloy

Silver is one of the precious and inert metals besides of gold and platinum. Among the production of silver, 25% is received from silver ores, 15% from gold ores, and rest 60% from copper, lead and zinc ores. From world silver produced in 2001, around 1/3rd was used to make jewelry and silver utensils, 1/4th … Continue reading A Complete Silver Guide-Unique Properties and Applications

Nilo 42 Alloy (UNS K94100) Nickel and Iron-Nickel (Fe-Ni) alloys are actually commercial semiconductor materials, the lead frames of alloy 42 are used on the wide scale for high consistency ceramic Cer-DIP and plastic packaged equipments that need these benefits: Globally available – Invar 42 or alloy 42 is made in semiconductor equipments in the … Continue reading Important Nickel alloys in electronic industry

Dry gaseous chlorine at mild temperature is not extremely corrosive and can be handled using carbon steel. Dry hydrogen chloride acts in the similar manner. But the powerful hydrochloric acid is deleterious to steel. Corrosion Corrosion is a very complicated mechanism. Apparently unnecessary factors like nominal presence of humidity, contaminants or the metal chlorides can … Continue reading Performance of Nickel and Nickel Alloys in chloride conditions