Thermal Spray Wire

Thermal spray wire is also called Arc spray wire and Metalizing wire. It  has the main application in the electric arc spray and flame wire spray processes. Heanjia Super Metals Co., Ltd. supplies special alloy thermal spray wires. Through several different manufacturing processes, we are able to provide both small diameter wire and alloy rod material for a variety of industries.

Application of Thermal Spray Wire:

  1. Bridges, water towers, wind turbines and pipelines
  2. Marine and offshore applications for example ship and tanker hulls, offshore wind turbines
  3. Machining and grinding tool
  4. Architectural coating
  5. Auto component restoration
  6. Engineered coating
  7. Boilers and digesters
  8. Onsite galvanizing

Thermal Spray Wire Materials:

Heanjia  Super Metals Co., Ltd. is professional supplier of nickel based thermal spray wires. The available materials are listed below:

Nickel Nichrome 80 Inconel 625 Ni5Al Stainless Steel 304
Monel Hastelloy C276 Inconel 718 FeCrAl Stainless Steel 316

Thermal Spray Wire, Arc spray wire Metalizing wire

thermal Spray WireArc spray wire Metalizing wire