Hastelloy C-276

Key Features:

  1. Hastelloy C-276 is an extremely versatile corrosion resistant alloy
  2. Avoids erosion in various chemical processing conditions
  3. Prevents attack by ferric & cupric chlorides and acetic acids
  4. Resistant to hot organic & inorganic compounds
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About Hastelloy C-276

Hastelloy C276 Industrial Nomenclatures: Alloy C276, Hastelloy C, Inconel® C-276. NickelVac HC-276, Nicrofer 576, Hastelloy C276, UNS No. N10276

A Ni-Cr-Mo super alloy Hastelloy C276 offers great resistance in the strong acidic and alkali media and prevents pitting, crevice corrosion and SCC. Hastelloy C276 also offers wide resistance to wet chloride gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide media.

Hastelloy C-276 prevents the localized and intergranular corrosion in the presence of strong acids such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and organic acid. It provides excellent corrosion resistance to the entire magnitudes of sulfuric acid up to 95oC or 200oF. For chloride concentrations about or above 0.1% and of pH 2, alloy C276 is fit for use. It is suitable for use in the highest temperature media in FGD system and its components such as fan wheels, dampers, liquid spray and pipes.

The most commonly used forms of this alloy are: Hastelloy C276 wire, Hastelloy C276 bar and Hastelloy C276 plate.

Hastelloy C276 wire: 

Heanjia is specialized in fabricating small diameter close tolerance Hastelloy C276 wire according to your specifications. Hastelloy C276 wires are provided as per our customer’s needs and delivered on time. The wires are made in diameter 0.03 mm to 12 mm. For any Hastelloy wire specifications, contact us.

 Hastelloy C276 bar:

Hastelloy C276 bar is made available in diameter- 3/16 inch to 40 inch. The bars are fabricated in the different shapes for example round bars, square bars and hexagon bars.  Bars are also made in other Hastelloy C grades such as Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C2000 and Hastelloy C4.

Hastelloy C276 plate: 

Hastelloy C276 plate produced by us is valued in the diverse industrial fields such as paper. We offer the plate in the various widths up to 1500mm and lengths up to 3000mm. The high quality plates are supplied by our highly experienced professionals with the use of advanced machinery to the customers across the world. The cut to size Hastelloy plate can be cut to size and shape by following your design needs and the whole process is exclusively monitored by our independent quality systems.

However there are many grades of Nickel super alloys, Hastelloy C-276 is a commonly used special metal.

Hastelloy C-276 Applications:

Chemical processing, bleach plants and digesters in pulp and paper plants, industrial and municipal waste treatment and sour natural gas recovery, flue gas desulfurization systems, pharmaceutical and food processing systems, geothermal, solar energy, oil & gas, transportation pipes, fans and fan covers, pollution control stack liners, scrubbers, stack-gas reheaters, reaction containers and evaporators

Hastelloy C-276 Specifications:

Wire Sheet Strip Pipe Rod Fittings
ASTM B574, ISO 9723. ISO 9724, DIN 17752. DIN 17753, DIN 17754 VdTüV 400/12.98, Filler Metal C276, AWS A5.14 ERNiCrMo-4, AWS A5.11 ENiCrMo-4 ASTM B575, ASTM B906, ISO 6208, DIN 17750, VdTüV 400/12.98 ASTM B575, ASTM B906, ISO 6208, DIN 17750, VdTüV 400/12.98 ASTM B622, ASTM B619, ASTM B775, ASTM B516, ASTM B626, ISO 6207, DIN 17751, VdTüV 400/12.98 ASTM B574, ISO 9723. ISO 9724, DIN 17752. DIN 17753, DIN 17754 VdTüV 400/12.98 ASTM B366, DIN 17744


Hastelloy C-276 Workability:

Alloy C276 is easily weldable and fabricable. It is forged, hot upset and impact extruded, however it work hardens and can be successfully forged. Except oxyacetylene and submerged arc welding, all of the traditional welding procedures can be implemented on this alloy.  While welding, extensive heat supply should be avoided to the weld component.

The low carbon content in alloy C276 reduces carbide precipitation during welding to sustain the corrosion resistance properties in the as welded structures. This alloy also prevents the production of grain boundary precipitates in the welded heat affected region; hence it is ideal for use in many chemical process applications even in the welded form.

Hastelloy C276 Corrosion Behavior:

Alloy C276 prevents corrosion in warm contaminated mineral acids, organic and inorganic chloride contaminated media, hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide solutions, formic and acetic acids, acetic anhydride, marine and brine solutions.

Corrosion testing:

Hastelloy C-276 offers mild corrosion rates in the mixed acid oxidation salt test (solution of 23% H2SO4 + 1%FeCl3 + 1.2% HCl + 1% CuCl2) and ferric-sulfuric acid test (boiling ferric sulfate + 50% sulfuric acid). It provides supreme resistance to stress corrosion cracking to the boiling magnesium chloride test.

Alloy C276 also resists pitting and crevice attack in ferric chloride test that is significantly used in the chemical process industry, FGD and pulp and paper applications.

Forms Produced:

Hastelloy C276 Alloy Wire Hastelloy C276 Alloy Wire Mesh
Hastelloy C276 Alloy Strip/Foil Hastelloy C276 Alloy Sheet/Plate
Hastelloy C276 Alloy Rod/Bar Hastelloy C276 Alloy Pipe/Tube
Hastelloy C276 Alloy Flanges Hastelloy C276 Alloy Foil

Heanjia Super Metals offers all above forms of Hastelloy C276 in all standard as well as custom specifications and also offers Thermal Spray Wire – for a variety of industries.