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The attacking characteristics of steam that is used in a plant are mildly considered, specifically if the steam is supplied by a public utility or power unit in which the boiler water treatment is adequate to avoid condensate attack. Although the contaminants in the steam can cause corrosion issues. In a single plant, high pressure … Continue reading Nickel Alloys for applications in steam environments

Oil and gas production in the offshore areas includes deep waters and intense water environments. For operation in such kind of environment, an equipment with good reliability and low maintenance cost is required. Carbon Dioxide and hydrogen sulfide are the main corrosive environments that are referred while choosing an alloy for marine and oil/gas applications. … Continue reading Special corrosion resistant alloys for oil and gas well industry

Stainless steel types 304/304l and 316/316l are internationally proven standard grades for providing suitable performance in the waste water processing industry. Waste water treatment is a proven method for the recovery of used water for reuse such as in irrigation and on industrial scale. Through this pure water resource can be restored for longer use. … Continue reading Stainless Steels for waste water treatment systems

Nickel based alloys and stainless steel grades are recommended construction materials for preventing corrosion in the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems. FGD systems are significant in treating the severely contaminated gases before they are released into air. The system’s chief components include inlet duct, by-pass duct, fan, damper, absorber inlet, absorber tower, spray headers, mist … Continue reading Alloys for corrosion resistance in FGD system

This article shows how nickel alloys and nickel based super alloys have performed in the various power production reactors established across USA. The Nickel based alloys such as Inconel, Incoloy and Monel grades have achieved wide popularity for providing high temperature strength, corrosion resistance and heat resistance properties that make them fit for use in the … Continue reading Nickel Based Superalloys in Power Industry