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Hastelloy Alloy X is an austenitic nickel based alloy comprising of 22% chromium for excellent resistance to oxidation at the elevated temperatures. It is designated as UNS N06002 or W. Nr – 2.4665, 2.4613 and enlisted in NACE MR – 01 – 75. Its forms are made in specifications – ASTM B435, AMS 5536, ISO … Continue reading Hastelloy X Alloy- Complete Guide

Environmentally assisted cracking or EAC refers to the attacks including stress corrosion cracking (SCC), hydrogen embrittlement (HE), sulfide stress cracking (SSC), liquid metal embrittlement (LME) and corrosion fatigue (CF). Under EAC, generally a ductile metal looses its hardness when mechanical load is applied in presence of a specific corroding media. The simultaneous presence of three … Continue reading Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloy Hastelloy C-2000 specialty among nickel alloys

Duplex stainless steel grades are high strength and extremely corrosion resistant materials. They are an ideal candidate for a wide range of applications. They are chemically balanced to offer a ferrite and austenite structure possessing 40 to 60% ferrite configuration subsequent to solution annealing. Popularly used duplex steel grades are 2205 and 2507. Stainless steel … Continue reading Duplex stainless steels-Complete Guide

Superalloys are heat resistant alloys containing Nickel, Nickel-Iron, Nickel-Cobalt or Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum that offer a great combination of mechanical strength and corrosion resistance properties. These are commonly utilized in gas turbines, coal conversion units, chemical process industries and for various specialized operations that need high resistance to heat and corrosion. The significant attribute of nickel based … Continue reading Nickel Based Alloys-Phases and Corrosion Resistance

Nickel is obtained as sulfide, usually combined with arsenic, copper and cobalt. Meteorites found in space always consist of some magnitudes of nickel, iron and cobalt however it is not found as a native metal. Nickel in purity of 99.9% doesn’t include cobalt and sulfur, is received from Mond Process, and it is the material … Continue reading Nickel Commercial Metal-Industrial Specifications