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Meets environmental regulations for regular emissions monitoring units Process and plant engineers responsible for regular emission monitoring units require a reliable solution for flow measurement issues in big ducts. These contain hot dirty gasses that require flow meter from fluid parts to receive heat and offer precise, repeatable measurement to offer stringent environmental regulations. Most … Continue reading Thermal mass flow meter to evaluate hot flue gas in big ducts

Titanium is used in the wide range of projects and products. It takes nominal time to produce a structure that matches the same strength of other metals. If plates are made from titanium, copper and stainless steel, titanium would double the size of copper and around 75% bigger than stainless steel. The equipment in our … Continue reading Titanium uses- A key material in various industries

The high performance alloys attain outstanding mechanical strength and offer good creeping resistance at the elevated temperatures, high stability and resistance to corrosion and oxidation. They are usually austenitic face centered cubic crystal structure with main composition of nickel, chromium, cobalt and iron. Super alloys have been mainly made for use in the aerospace and … Continue reading Corrosion resistant alloys for different types of media

The oil and gas plants often choose to configure stainless steel tubing in the instrumentation and sensor components in addition of chemicals, hydraulic lines, impulse lines and various utility applications for a broad range of temperature limits, pressure and flow values. It is found that stainless steel 316 tubing offers moderate corrosion resistance in the … Continue reading Pitting and crevice corrosion of materials in seawater

Typical corrosion resistant nickel based super alloys are a solid solution Nickel whilst few are precipitation hardened materials uch as In 718, 625 and X750. However Ni alloys significantly consist of other alloying elements, still nickel retains its FCC structure from the nickel base element content. Therefore many of these alloys offer outstanding ductility, malleability … Continue reading Stress corrosion cracking behavior of nickel base alloys