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Thermal mass flow meter to evaluate hot flue gas in big ducts

Meets environmental regulations for regular emissions monitoring units

Process and plant engineers responsible for regular emission monitoring units require a reliable solution for flow measurement issues in big ducts. These contain hot dirty gasses that require flow meter from fluid parts to receive heat and offer precise, repeatable measurement to offer stringent environmental regulations.

Thermal Mass Flow Meter Takes the Heat to Measure Hot Dirty Flue Gas in Large Ducts

Most of industries with elevated temperature units that emit hot, nasty gases through big ducts or stacks need accurate flow measurement to inform regulatory compliance. The flue or stack gases make create complications for single-point air/gas flow measurement sensing techniques due to their multi-gas composition, swirling air currents resulted by changes in demand, elevated temperature or humidity extremes that change seasonally and usually the release of sticky or harsh particulates.

The smart digital flow transmitter and latest thermal dispersion technology flow sensing factors, the flow meter meets federal environmental requirements. The meter is an outstanding choice for evaluating the mass flow anywhere different conditions limit single-point flow meter efficiency.  Rough conditions in which temperature, vibration, abrasion and corrosion create complications for other meters, are not an issue for multi-point flow meters.

The flow meters characterize an exclusive multi-point averaging heat mass flow sensor design. The meter design features highly consistent heat dispersion, static parts flow element design with flow sensing points while serving over a wide temperature about 850oF or 454oC.

The meter’s fully temperature-compensated flow sensor electronics are incredibly stable with around no drift for outstanding accuracy and repeatability. The versatile meter characterizes a large turndown with a flow range.  Around 4 meters can be installed to measure air and gas in the biggest of stacks.

Advanced flow sensing element design, on the heat dispersion technique, measures air or gas mass flow with outstanding accuracy and repeatability over a large range of temperatures and regular conditions. 

The metal flow element offer fouling resistance in static component design for simple maintenance and prolong service. The flow element includes double platinum resistance temperature detectors for temperature and flow measurement. The wet surfaces are made from 316 stainless steel with nickel brazed joint as per AMS 4777 or Hastelloy C-276 wire as an option.

The stainless steel 316l assembly is available with flanged and retractable process connections with junction box and configured at the required location with a choice of famous process connections. The flow element system is joined remotely by wire to the electronics.

The meter provides a smart flow transmitter with a strong microprocessor driven design for outstanding signal processing and data collection. This design includes a user-friendly interface for automatic control, evaluation, display and driver and alarm functions.