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The demand for large volumes of water for quenching of process treatments has resulted in the  diverse chief industries to be located near the coastlines. The marine condition is found as the most corrosive natural media that causes problems in choosing materials that offer good functionality at the economical price. Nickel based materials for example … Continue reading Nickel based materials in marine and related conditions

Due to its property to resist corrosion, Nickel is specifically useful for maintaining product purity in handling foods, synthetic fibers, caustic alkalies and in structural applications that critically demand corrosion resistance. Nickel is a general purpose metal. The common applications of Nickel 200 are food processing system, chemical shipping drums, electrical and electronic components, aerospace … Continue reading Applications of Corrosion resistant Nickel based alloys

Due to its outstanding corrosion resistance and large specific strength, titanium has great significance in chemical, electricity and aerospace industries as the chief metallic materials for the benefit of their features. In the recent time, titanium has become a popular material for use in the diverse components of cars due to the following aspects: Great demand … Continue reading Application of Titanium for automobile components

The duplex steels offer an excellent range of corrosion resistance in the diverse media. Following is the brief explanation of their resistance in the variety of application conditions. Uniform Corrosion: Uniform corrosion is featured by even attack on the steel surface that comes in contact of the attacking media. The prevention of corrosion is assumed … Continue reading Corrosion resistance of duplex stainless steels

For carbon dioxide- Stainless steels are fit for use For Chlorides- Duplex stainless steels are recommended For H2S- Nickel based alloys are suitable Heanjia Super-metals is offering the wide series of corrosion resistance alloys in the best of its class that meet the variable strength needs of your applications. For support in choosing the best … Continue reading Recommended group of corrosion resistant alloys for oil and gas wells