Heanjia Super-Metals produces special alloy wires or thermal spray wires. The materials cover most metals and special alloys, such as Nickel Wires, Inconel Wires, Monel Wires, Nichrome Wires, Hastelloy Wires, etc.  We are also able to produce flat wires, Square and Shaped Wires by customer’s requirement. The products are getting good feedback from our customers because of the good alloy quality and wire drawing quality.

We manufacture to customized specifications. The wires available are:

Smallest Diameter: 0.04 mm (0.0012’’), Largest diameter 12.00 mm (0.47’’),

Inconel Wire

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Inconel wires that are made available in the various Inconel grades such as Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, etc. The wires are produced as per international quality and safety standards for use in the diverse industrial applications. Inconel alloy wires resist a wide level of severely corrosive media, oxidation, pitting and crevice attack. They are hot and cold rolled, annealed, redrawn, pressed and more processes are followed depending on their use.

Inconel wire specifications: ASTM / ASME SB166, ASTM B 446, ASTM B 637, ASTM B 511 and ASTM B408.

Monel Wire

We supply highly durable Monel wire for use in marine engineering, chemical and hydrocarbon processing units and heat exchangers. Monel becomes non-hardenable by heat processing. Monel wire features good mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. This wire is specially used in the range of environments varying from mild oxidation via neutral to reducing media. We produce the Monel wires by following the highest standards.

Monel wire is made in grades- Monel 400 and Monel K-500. The Monel 400 wire specifications: ASTM B 164, ASME SB 164/ SB 564.

Hastelloy Wire

Heanjia is one of the trusted international firms for supplying Hastelloy wire. With our constant efforts, efficient and specialized manpower and dedicated management, we offer the high quality Hastelloy wire for your service.

Hastelloy alloy wires are available in grades: Hastelloy B2, Hastelloy B3, Hastelloy C4, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C2000 and Hastelloy X.

The Hastelloy grades are known for their excellent resistance to pitting, crevice and stress corrosion cracking. Hastelloy wire offers outstanding high temperature strength, oxidation resistance and easy fabricability. It is used in chemical plants, pollution control, pulp and paper industry and waste treatment.

Nichrome Wire

Nichrome wire is made from non-magnetic Nichrome alloy that is characterized by good electric resistivity and high oxidation resistance. It offers supreme ductility even after prolong performance. Nichrome wire is used in applications –hair dryers, heat sealers, ceramic support in kilns and resistors.

Nichrome alloy wire is made from two grades- Nichrome 60 and Nichrome 80. Nichrome 60 wire is a common heating element that is used in domestic applications in moderate heat and humidity conditions. Nichrome 80 wire offers prolong service life with outstanding adhesion characteristics of its surface oxide.

Other Available Alloy Wires:

Pure Metals Inconel Alloys Hastelloy Alloys Monel Alloys Stainless Steels
Nickel 200 Wire Inconel 600 Wire Hastelloy B-2 Wire Monel 400 Wire Duplex Steel 2205 Wire
Titanium Wire Inconel 601 Wire Hastelloy B-3Wire Monel K500 Wire Duplex Steel 2507 Wire
Silver Wire Inconel 625 Wire Hastelloy C-4 Wire Copper Nickel Cu90Ni10 Wire 904L Stainless Steel Wire
  Inconel 617 Wire Hastelloy C-22 Wire Copper Nickel Cu70Ni30 Wire 330 Stainless Steel Wire
  Inconel 718 Wire Hastelloy C-276 Wire   310 stainless Steel Wire
  Incone X750 Wire Hastelloy C-2000 Wire   316L Stainless Steel Wire
    Hastelloy X Wire    
Nichrome Alloys Incoloy Alloys Low-expansion Alloys Soft Magnetic Alloys  
Nichrome 80 Wire Incoloy 800 Wire Nilo 52/ Invar 52 Wire Soft Magnetic 30 Wire  
Nichrome 60 Wire Incoloy 800H Wire Nilo 48 / Invar 48 Wire Soft Magnetic 36 Wire  
  Incoloy 825 Wire Nilo 42 / Invar 42 Wire Soft Magnetic 48 Wire  
  Incoloy A286 Wire Nilo 36 / Invar 36 Wire Soft Magnetic 53 Wire  
      Soft Magnetic 78 Wire  
      Permalloy Wire  
      Mumetal Wire  

Inconel monel hastelloy nichrome wire
Inconel monel hastelloy nichrome wire