Hastelloy B-2

Key Features:

  1. Hastelloy B2 is resistant to pitting and scc attack
  2. Vacuum high temperature use up to 1600oF
  3. Ideal for handling reducing acids at the elevated temperatures
  4. Outstanding mechanical strength
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About Hastelloy B-2

Nickel-Molybdenum Alloy Hastelloy B-2 features excellent resistance to reducing conditions like hydrogen chloride gas, sulfuric acid, acetic acid and phosphoric acid. The alloy is resistant to various organic acids and chloride ion stress corrosion cracking. Suitable for use in various conditions including a variety of non-oxidizing acids. It is not recommended for use in presence of oxidizing materials such as cupric or ferric salts. Early failure may take place if this Nickel alloy is employed in hydrochloric acid conditions containing iron or copper.

The availability of carbon, silicon and iron elements tends to lower reduction rate of corrosion resistance property of alloy B2 in welded form. Limiting content of other alloying elements like iron and chromium has solved other problems such as fabricability. Nickel B2 with controlled composition can be employed in the welded form and it is less prone to stress corrosion cracking in the several conditions.

Nickel alloy B2 prevents the production of grain boundary carbides in the weld HAZ, therefore its as-welded form is suitable for use in the chemical processing environments.

Industrial Nomenclatures: UNS N10665, W.Nr. 2.4617, alloy B2; Nimofer 6928, NACE MR0175

Hastelloy B-2 Specifications:

Wire Sheet Plate Pipe Rod Fittings
ASME SB-335, A5.14 ERNiMo-7, ASME SFA 5.11(ENiMo-7) AWS A5.11 (ENiMo-7) ASME SB-333, ASTM B333 ASME SB-333 ASME SB-622, ASME SB-619, ASME SB-626, ASTM B622, CLASS I or II ASME SB-335, ASME SFA 5.14(ENiMo-7) ASME SB-366

Hastelloy B-2 Applications: Production of tankers for handling hydrochloric acid, aluminum chloride catalysts and other strongly reducing chemicals, storage of reducing chemicals, manufacturing herbicides, insecticides, ethylene glycol and benzene, methyl methacrylate with hot 98% H2SO4, butane isomerization to make high octane gasolineeu, prevents corrosion from antimony chloride.

Forms Produced

Hastelloy B2 Wire Hastelloy B2 Wire Mesh
Hastelloy B2 Strip Hastelloy B2 Sheet/Plate
Hastelloy B2 Rod/Bar Hastelloy B2 Pipe/Tube
Hastelloy B2 Flanges Hastelloy B2 Foil

Heanjia Super-Metals, America offers all above forms of Hastelloy B2 alloy in all standard as well as custom specifications.

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