Nilo 36 Invar 36

Key Features:

  1. Nilo 36 features controlled expansion
  2. Good strength and hardness
  3. Ideal for measuring instruments
  4. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
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About Nilo 36 Invar 36

Nilo 36 (Ni 36%) or Invar 36 is made of a Nickel-Iron alloy. It maintains fine strength and hardness even at the very low or ambient temperatures. The major reason for choosing this alloy is its excellent properties at the various temperature limits such as controlled expansion. It retains stability even below -238oF or -150oC to as high as up to 500oF or 260oC.

It is possible to hot or cold process, machine and form Nickel alloy 36 using the identical processes as implemented for austenitic stainless steels.

Nilo 36 Applications:

Measuring equipments like thermostats and optoelectronic systems, Lasers, storage and transportation of liquefied gases, tools and dies for amalgamated forming, electricity transmission, apparatus in hospitals like MRI and NMR.

Industrial Nomenclatures: Ni-Fe alloy 36, Pernifer 36, Invar 36, IN 1715, Werkstoff Nr. 1.3912, Invar Steel, UNS K93600

Nilo 36 Specification

Sheet Strip/Foil Wire
ASTM B 388, ASTM B 753, DIN 171 ASTM B 388,ASTM B 753, DIN 171, MIL-I-23011 CL 7 SEW 38, MIL-S-16598

 Forms Produced

Nilo 36 Wire Nilo 36 Strip/Foil Nilo 36 Sheet Nilo 36 Wire Mesh

Heanjia Super-Metals Seattle, USA can meet the exact quantities required for Invar alloy 36 as per your specifications. We produce the whole common sizes and forms of this metal. We provide cutting, slitting and shearing or grinding Invar alloys to any dimensions. If you cannot find the desired form and size of a product, please drop us an email.