Nilo 48 Invar 48

Key Features:

  1. Alloy 48 keeps stable coefficient of thermal expansion at different temperatures
  2. Good inflection point
  3. Ideal for glass to metal sealing
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About Nilo 48 Invar 48

Nilo 48 (Ni 48%, Fe Bal%) is a low expansion Nickel-Iron alloy. The coefficient of thermal expansion of this metal is designed to suit the CTE of soft lead and soda lime glasses. High Inflection point. Its service temperature goes as high as up to 450oC or 840oF.

Industrial Nomenclatures: Ni-Fe Alloy 48, Nickel alloy 48, Invar 48, Glass Seal 48, Pernifer 48, Werkstoff Nr.1.3922, 1.3926, 1.3927, AWS 092, SUPRA 50, UNS K94800

Nilo 48 Specifications: AFNOR NF A54-301, MIL 1-23011 CL 3, AMS 1-23011 CL 3,

Wire Strip Sheet
ASTM F30, DIN 17745 ASTM F30 ASTM F30

Nilo 48 Applications:

Commonly used in soda lead or soda lime glass to metal sealing, commercial thermostats, radio valves, incandescent electric bulbs, composite molds for aeronautic engineering, configuration stability based instruments and optical tools, transmission lines for LNG, communication systems, electric circuit breaking devices, length standards, laser modules and various electronic operations.

Forms Produced

Nilo 48 Wire Nilo 48 Foil Nilo 48 Sheet Nilo 48 Wire Mesh Nilo 48 Foil

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