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Nickel based alloy are one of the essential classes of engineering materials that are widely used in the various environments and applications. These materials are chosen for aqueous and high temperature corrosion resistance applications. Nickel base alloys are used at cryogenic temperatures and reaching 1200oC because the matrix of solid solution alloys remains austenitic from … Continue reading Hastelloy C276 for the most aggressive chemical operation conditions

Valves are made in different ways considering material and design depending on specific application area. An essential factor for the material selection is the condition in which it is used. When designing or choosing a valve there are several factors that are essential to be considered. What is needed from the valve is totally based … Continue reading Considerable performance factors while choosing a Valve Material

Hydrofluoric acid is water based hydrogen fluoride solution that is commonly used in different types of industrial applications commonly in the pickling solutions in metal industry, production of chlorofluorocarbon compounds, alkylation agent for gasoline and etching in glass industry. Hydrofluoric acid has wide applications in the production of semiconductors and microelectronics during wet chemical cleaning … Continue reading Comparison of performance of Alloys 400 and C2000 in HF acid

Hydrogen is a significant and clean fuel. It is usually produced through sulfur iodide cycle by using nuclear energy. The essential reagents in the S-I cycle is hydrogen iodide that is usually identified as a vigorous chemical. Nickel based alloys are popular for their excellent corrosion resistance. So, the study of the corrosion of nickel … Continue reading Behavior of Nickel based super alloys in Hydrogen generation environments

Selection of application materials in downhole processes in a sour well is lead by a special set of factors. Service temperatures can be high up to 800oC or 1470oF. The hot gas is aggressively corrosive and the marine conditions cause vigorous problems. High temperature strength, corrosion resistance, easy fabrication and readily welding products are the … Continue reading High strength nickel alloys for oilfield and sour gas well conditions