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Different allows show different behavior in dry HCl gas. Maximum corrosion limits of 0.075 and 0.50 mm/yare decided as design factors for specific components and these are conservative limits. For instance, during studies of 650 hours, mild corrosion rate of 0.25 mm/y at 590oC is noticed. In applications above the dew point, the presence of … Continue reading Corrosion resistance of Nickel and its alloys in hydrogen chloride applications

Nickel based alloys are used in a wide range of applications as corrosion resistant materials, heating element and also creep resistant materials. Other applications include construction materials. These alloys can create a security layer in some conditions to provide corrosion resistance. Although, they may be affected in environments comprising significant magnitudes of chloride or halide … Continue reading Effect of pH and temperature on crevice corrosion of nickel based alloys

The aero engine industry is ever changing, with advanced materials and techniques being developed continuously to be able to meet the demands of industrial regulations. The engines are more silent and use less fuel, decreasing emissions and more. One of the more effective ways to reduce fuel consumption is to decrease the engine weight like … Continue reading Super alloys for high temperature components of jet engines

Nickel alloys and stainless steels are widely used in various industrial applications which demand heat and corrosion resistance or one of both. Nickel is one of the well know materials for offering resistance to diverse caustic solutions and molten caustic. Different nickel alloys are commonly used in sodium hydroxide production and in several other plants … Continue reading Potential of nickel alloys for use in halide based industrial conditions

The microstructure of Inconel alloys is featured by multi-component morphology, essential for their specific characteristics. These alloys mainly comprise nickel, chromium, aluminum, titanium, cobalt, boron, zirconium etc in strict concentration limits. The effect of chemical composition on the different properties of alloys as Inconel is discussed already several times. The relation between the microstructure of … Continue reading High strength Inconel alloy grades for aerospace and nuclear plant applications