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Corrosion in chemical processing media often reduces with increase in their pH level. In alkaline solutions, hydrogen ions are usually present in nominal magnitudes. Although, various metals can withstand some pH, often basic in nature but experience severe corrosion with increase in pH level. Usually alkali corrosion is led by pitting and other types of … Continue reading Which high nickel alloy provides the best performance in alkali media

With the passage of time, oil and gas exploration will be performed in deep wells specifically in deepwater. Unlike to shallow wells, the deep wells demand durable materials. The well conditions include hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, chlorides and sulfur and also the temperatures go up to 260oC and pressure 25000 psi.  Due to this, it … Continue reading Materials for deep well, gas and water exploration applications

Monel belongs to the family of nickel-based alloys. It chiefly consists of nickel and copper while silicon and carbon are present in a smaller amount. The contents of this alloy when fabricated using machining, welding and hot-cold working are known to offer better strength. Monel 400 is also known as high resistance alloy that exhibits … Continue reading What makes Monel 400 ideal for Gas Industries

The use of materials in marine applications has conventionally been linked with ships. Over the years, although new materials have been developed. Known in industries such as desalination and oil and gas production, additionally the need of large volume of cooling water in the industry usually demanded establishment of plants along the ocean specifically in … Continue reading Applications of Nickel base alloys in stagnant and flowing Seawater

A major limitation of stainless steel is that it is highly susceptible to chloride based localized attack like crevice, pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Hastelloy C276 is the most resistant nickel based super alloy to the chloride based localized corrosion that limits the applications of austenitic stainless steels. In various cases, stress corrosion cracking was … Continue reading How Nickel based super alloys are superior to traditional stainless steels