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Alloys in this group are Inconel 625, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C4 and C22. They are used for enhanced corrosion resistance in the oxidizing conditions. Inconel 625 It is used in applications where strength and corrosion resistance are needed. It attains outstanding fatigue strength and supreme strength and toughness at temperatures from cryogenic to 2000oF. Columbium … Continue reading Major application grades of Nickel-Chromium-Molybdenum alloys

A super alloy is designed for high temperature services where extreme mechanical stressing occurs and high surface stability is usually needed. High temperature deformation of Nickel base super alloys is crucial as the blades and discs of aero engine turbine, need to function at high temperature for a long period. Nickel base alloy Inconel 718 … Continue reading Superalloy Inconel 718 for high temperature industrial applications

Acetic acid is produced in large magnitudes. It is one of the most used organic acids and is widely occurred as contaminant in the process of other chemicals. Acetic acid is also used as a solvent in some organic reactions. So, it is important to understand its corrosive behaviour. Acetic acid is categorized as a … Continue reading Corrosion resistance of High performance metals alloys in Acetic Acid

Inconel 718 is sensitive to stress corrosion cracking in hot waters, in caustic solutions and in hot chloride solutions, comprising of hydrogen sulfide or acids. Many stress corrosion cracking studies performed for the aerospace plants are not relevant to the oil and gas plant applications of the specificity of conditions needed for stress corrosion cracking. … Continue reading Evaluation of Stress Corrosion cracking of Inconel 718 in oil and gas field

Inconel 625 is a popular nickel based superalloy for its durability, fabricability, weldability and excellent corrosion resistance. Its supreme and versatile corrosion resistance under diverse temperature and corrosive conditions is the main reason for its wide acceptance in chemical and other plant applications. Inconel alloy 625 is an austenitic solid solution strengthened NiCrMo alloy that … Continue reading How does Inconel 625 perform in diverse corrosive environments