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The Hastelloy C22 is one of the major corrosion-resistant alloys and a higher percentage of chromium in this material makes it more corrosion-resistant than the rest. It is the right choice for oxidizing environments and helps in improving the life of the material greatly. The alloy C 22 also shows exceptional resistance to acetic anhydride, … Continue reading What are the Benefits Of Using Hastelloy C22 In Acidic Media

The Inconel 600 is an alloy that combines nickel and chromium and used for a vast range of applications that require resistance to high temperature and corrosion. It is designed for service temperatures from cryogenic to high temperatures in the range of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. It comprises exceptional mechanical properties and comes with a good … Continue reading Major applications of Inconel 600 in industrial areas

Waste processing and pollution control is an important industry, one that has to meet rigorous standards. As we all know, the raw materials used in the building new plants or in the work of restoring, repairing and upgrading old plants has to be of technically superior quality that ensures the safety and longevity of the … Continue reading Role of Inconel alloys in Pollution Control Processes

Inconel is a specialized alloy that plays a significant part when it comes to industrial uses. It belongs to the austenitic nickel and chromium based superalloys that are equipped with rare properties. These alloys can resist oxidation and corrosion making them highly useful for services and uses in extreme environments. Apart from this, the material … Continue reading What makes Inconel Alloys essential For Aerospace Uses

It is true to state that seawater is probably the most common example of aqueous salt solution. It will not just encounter with the marine based transportation and offshore related oil rigs, but it can also work well as coolant in some of the coastal facilities. Now, there are some materials used for the industrial … Continue reading Proficient Use Of Hastelloy C22 In Aqueous Solutions