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High temperature alloys are designed for structural services at temperatures 700oF to 1800oF, for example, in the hot zones of aircraft gas turbine engines. These alloys are made of nickel with chromium added to achieve oxidation resistance and other elements are added for solid solution strengthening and for precipitation from solid solution. Strength, creep resistance … Continue reading How Hastelloy C276 is better than other alloys in Hastelloy family

Arc Spray is a sub-category of arc spray process. It is a method metallization; this means depositing a layer of substrate metal over a surface in order to protect, decorate or add new properties to the surface. How is arc spraying performed? The metalizing wire which is also known as arc spray wire is used … Continue reading Why the use of nickel alloys is recommended as wire in arc spray process

Electric arc wire spraying is extremely portable for on-site coatings and uses atomized air and electricity to melt pure metal wires and metallic alloy. It is commonly used in piston rings, welded tube seams, boiler walls, capacitors, varistors and big infrastructures. The electric arc wire spray process involves two metallic wires of the same composition … Continue reading Arc spray wire- An efficient and economic spraying material

Inconel 625 wire has its applications in various fields such as pollution control, heat exchanger header bars, aircraft ducting systems, seals, springs, wire rope for mooring cables and nuclear water reactors. It is used in various industries such as aerospace, marine and chemical processing. Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum-columbium (niobium) alloy which has superb oxidation … Continue reading Inconel 625 wire- Material for excellent resistant to seawater!

With vast increase in the use of energy resources in the modern era, the demand of energy in the modern time, the demand of energy extraction from different resources has specified in recent years. So, wide efforts are made in the technological development of turbo machines that means extraction of energy is energized fluids. This … Continue reading Which materials should be used for gas turbine engine components