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It is true to state that seawater is probably the most common example of aqueous salt solution. It will not just encounter with the marine based transportation and offshore related oil rigs, but it can also work well as coolant in some of the coastal facilities. Now, there are some materials used for the industrial … Continue reading Proficient Use Of Hastelloy C22 In Aqueous Solutions

You might have heard a lot about inconel 718 but will seriously get to know more about it once you start using the alloy for your own use. Alloy 718 is known for its application and forging, making it completely different from any of the other alloys you have come across so far. This is … Continue reading Forging And Application Areas of Inconel 718 that you must know

When it comes to inhibiting stress corrosion cracking, most of the nickel based alloys show superior performance when compared with the stainless steel grades, and it is mainly because nickel combines more extensively then iron. Apart from this, several materials can be added in desired percentages depending on the requirements of the application. While the … Continue reading How does Inconel 601 resist Stress Corrosion Cracking

INCONEL alloy 617 is a material that stays true to its name. It is a blend of nickel, chromium, cobalt, and molybdenum, and each of these component elements adding to its impressive specifications or features. While the high levels of both nickel (44.5% minimum) and chromium (20-24%) provides the alloy with a good resistance to … Continue reading Highlighting Some Of The Major Inconel 617 Applications

Nickel based alloy are one of the essential classes of engineering materials that are widely used in the various environments and applications. These materials are chosen for aqueous and high temperature corrosion resistance applications. Nickel base alloys are used at cryogenic temperatures and reaching 1200oC because the matrix of solid solution alloys remains austenitic from … Continue reading Hastelloy C276 for the most aggressive chemical operation conditions