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The strength level in age hardened materials is becoming widely important, specifically for offshore applications that are exploiting high pressure deep well reserves, where weight factors can significantly affect the economic feasibility of the project. The material selection for down hole and wellhead equipment like hangers, sub surface safety valves, pumps etc should be made … Continue reading Inconel alloys for application in offshore plant conditions for economical service

Nickel based alloys are mainly known for their resistance to aqueous corrosion however they are also commonly used at the elevated temperatures when carbon and other low alloyed steels do not offer suitable corrosion resistance and strength. They are used in applications which demand high temperature oxidation resistance or elevated temperature strength. Construction material is … Continue reading High temperature Inconel alloys for heat and oxidation resistance

Hydrogen embrittlement is a commonly occurred problem that has been experienced for several years. Recently even new and unexpected type of hydrogen embrittlement problem is seen in aerospace industry. This type of corrosion occurs when an essentially hydrogen free material is mechanically evaluated in gaseous hydrogen. It is well agreed among investigators that molecular hydrogen … Continue reading Occurrence of Hydrogen Embrittlement and how to prevent it

Advanced aircraft applications demand more reliable materials due to widely innovative technology. Designs are based on fuel efficiency and consistency. In addition to commercial uses, military based defense operations widely rely on the extreme performance of the aircraft engines. To receive the maximum performance at economical price, aerospace applications involve the use of components made … Continue reading Enhancing mechanical properties of Inconel 718 for aerospace applications

Carbon steels can easily deal with gaseous chlorine at low temperatures and in the absence of moisture. But if water is present, chlorine becomes vigorously corrosive to several metals. In the same manner, dry hydrogen chloride is not corrosive to various metals. As soon as it is dissolved in water HCl is developed and it … Continue reading How do different alloys perform in dry and moist chlorine media?