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In various studies, inclusion of sulfur as SO2 in atmosphere containing HCl or in molten salts like sulfates that already contained chlorides have been evaluated. The function of some steels and nickel based alloys at temperatures from 230oC to 500oC has been analyzed. It was found that a reduction or no considerable effects on the … Continue reading How Inconel 625 is the best material for use in Waste to Energy plants

Nickel based super alloys have extensive applications in the aerospace industry such as for diffusers, combustion chambers, shells of gas producers and in other equipments which are used in high temperature and pressure conditions. The microstructure of Inconel superalloy is featured by a multi-component, required for their specific properties. Essential elements present in these alloys … Continue reading Inconel wire 718 grade for high temperature jet engine applications

Chlorine is usually found in flue gases which corrodes the service materials. A study conducted by using chlorine with a salt mixture and gas conditions. Coatings of different nickel base alloys were subjected to 550oC to 650oC for two weeks. The best outcomes were received at lower temperature for Hastelloy C276. This grade comprises nickel, … Continue reading Service efficiency of Inconel wire grades in high temperature incinerators

Hastelloy grades are wrought nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys which are widely known for their supreme performance in chemical process and related industries. They are ductile, easy to form and weld and have outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride containing solutions. Due to high chromium and molybdenum concentrations, Hastelloy grades can withstand oxidizing and non-oxidizing acids … Continue reading Performance of Hastelloy grade C276 in chemical and seawater conditions

Inconel 625 has superior properties which make it suitable for use in strategic industries where the application of super alloys is required. The alloy finds several applications in gas turbines, aircraft engines, marine industries and chemical power plants. It also shows supreme properties in terms of strength, corrosion resistance and creep strength at high temperatures. … Continue reading Applications of Inconel 625 as a key industrial material