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Sulfuric acid is a special chemical in comparison to other mineral acids. Considering the freezing point of acid solutions, it varies in apparent non-uniform manner. Peculiarities also increase to the corrosion zone, particularly where austenitic stainless steels are associated. Acid concentration and temperature are essential factors however in some cases the availability of oxidizing or … Continue reading Corrosion resistance performance of Incoloy alloy 825 in sulfuric acid

Heat exchangers are commonly used in various processes such as chemical, fertilizer, petrochemical, fossil and nuclear power production, refrigeration, desalination and other. They are always of special importance and their significance has increased with increasing energy demands. It is essential to make the maximum use of energy resources by using economical and efficient heat exchangers. … Continue reading Selection of materials for heat exchangers

The role of stress is generally considered or the stress intensity factor in case of precracked samples as an effect with the passage of time in a given system. There is a threshold stress value below which corrosion does not occur even for long test duration. The threshold stress is not just a function of … Continue reading How stress influences Stress corrosion cracking

Inconel 718 is a widely used superalloy that is relatively economical however has good mechanical characteristics. Inconel 718 is heat processed at different temperatures. The grain sizes were measured on both samples by using Light Optical Microscope. The mechanical test results show the damage of tensile strength and hardness while enhancement of creep life with … Continue reading Effect of grain size on mechanical properties of Inconel 718

Inconel 718 is one of the most essential super alloys and is widely used in aerospace and aviation for its high mechanical strength, good resistance to fatigue and creep, supreme corrosion resistance and potential to serve regularly at the high temperatures. In this post, we evaluate the pitting corrosion resistance potential of Inconel 718 before … Continue reading Pitting potential of Inconel 718 in chloride base aqueous solutions