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Inconel 718 superalloy is commonly used in gas turbine engineering, submarine, nuclear reactors, oil and gas production components as it provides suitable performance. In ship gas turbine and submarine which mainly work in the marine condition, the performance of Inconel 718 should be properly evaluated to find suitable countermeasures for the safety of operation system. … Continue reading Improvement in corrosion resistance of Inconel 718 for turbines

Sulfuric acid is a commonly used chemical in the processing sector. Its corrosive effect on service material varies significantly, based on contaminants, temperature and water concentration. It is a problem with micro process equipments with thin walls. These equipments are usually joined by diffusion bonding that may affect material’s properties due to high temperatures and … Continue reading Hastelloy grades for sulfuric acid applications at different temperatures

While Monel 400 offers superior resistance to SCC in aerated acid, it is not adequate to prevent damage. Monel K500 and 400 grades are exposed to corrosive conditions in vapor phase of hydrofluoric acid in the presence of oxygen. Studies emphasize the need to eliminate air in the vapor phase above the acid. As HF … Continue reading Which alloy should be used in oil refinery processes for better performance

Since when the man has started exploring petroleum resources, Heanjia has been at the lead of materials quality. We understand the need of design engineers for components for oil field conditions. Capital and service costs related with major resource developments are very high. You need the good quality materials for your service. Our materials function, … Continue reading Nickel based alloys for challenging oil and gas fields

Nickel base alloys are major component materials used in steam generators and in various structural compounds of pressurized water reactors and boiling water reactors. They are exposed to a variety of severely corrosive conditions that occur in nuclear power plants as stated following: General corrosion This corrosion results into emission of metallic ions in the … Continue reading Performance of Nickel alloy Inconel grades in oxidizing environments