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Nickel based alloys for challenging oil and gas fields

Inconel hastelloy wire

Since when the man has started exploring petroleum resources, Heanjia has been at the lead of materials quality.

We understand the need of design engineers for components for oil field conditions. Capital and service costs related with major resource developments are very high. You need the good quality materials for your service. Our materials function, helping to avert premature failures that result in the loss of expensive tools and significant production time.

Heanjia closely works with industry to continually define the leading edge of the technology. Our materials are known for their excellent quality, durability and outstanding performance in different applications. We always endeavor to find the most economical solutions to your design and function needs.

Nickel based alloy Hastelloy C276 wire for oil and gas industry is crucial to withstand severe conditions including vigorously corrosive media, high temperature and high stress.

Nickel based alloys are used in diverse applications, most of which are for their resistance to extreme corrosion and heat. They are produced in different forms such as bars, wire, sheet, rod, tubes etc. Another commonly used nickel based super alloy is Inconel 625 for high temperature oil plant conditions which include brine, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and sulphur.

High strength materials are produced to provide desired levels of strength and corrosion resistance. Nickel based alloy offer outstanding resistance to pitting, crevice and general corrosion and stress corrosion cracking in the age-hardened condition. High strength alloys are made in different specifications with a combination of SCC resistance, high strength, and low magnetic permeability.

To meet the challenges occurred at oil and gas plants, Heanjia endeavours to provide exact support to deliver relentless product quality. We offer advanced level alloys for upcoming needs.

Heanjia is dedicated to perfecting the materials development and manufacturing process. Committed to the innovation and success of our customers.

Oxidation and corrosion resistance by Inconel 625

High temperature oxidation resistant Inconel 625 resists scaling up to 1800oF. At this limit, scaling resistance has a crucial role in application. It is superior to various other alloys during cyclic heating and cooling conditions. High alloy concentration of Inconel 625 enables it to withstand diverse severely corrosive conditions. There is almost no corrosion in mild conditions such as fresh and sea water, neutral pH condition and alkaline media. High molybdenum concentration makes the alloy extremely resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion.

Fabrication and heat processing

Inconel 625 can be formed through cold and hot processing. As the alloy is developed to keep high strength at high temperatures. It prevents deformation at hot working temperatures and higher loads are needed to deform the material. Hot forming should be conducted from 1700oF to 2150oF. During cold processing, the material work hardens more quickly as compare to traditional austenitic stainless steel. Inconel 625 has three heat processing: 1.  solution annealing at 2000 to 2200oF and air cooling, 2. annealing 1900oF and air cooling 3.stress relieving 1500oF and air cooling. Solution annealed material is widely used for applications above 1500oF where resistance to creep is essential. Annealed material is commonly used for its tensile and rupture strength.