Bars and Rods

Heanjia Super Metals Co., Ltd. is supplying wide range of high performance alloy rods and bars such as Inconel bars, Monel bars, Hastelloy bars, etc. The product shapes include: Round bar, Square bar, Hexagon bar, etc. Meanwhile, the company is offering further processing services: cutting to length and polishing.


1 Rod and bar available size: Diameter 3/16 inch to 40 inch

2 Cutting to length: Length: 1 to 20ft

3 Polishing service: Centerless Grinding

Inconel Bar

Inconel Bars are well suited to perform in the extreme media. Upon heating Inconel develops an adherent oxide layer to protect its surface from further corrosive attack. The high strength Inconel bars withstand high temperature applications where steel and aluminium are prone to creep due to thermally developed crystal cavities. Inconel bars retain their durability and corrosion resistance at the wide high temperature limits.

The industrial applications of Inconel bars include furnace muffles, electronic components, heat processing system, steam generator and heat exchanger units.

Inconel alloy 600/601– AMS 5665, B166

Inconel alloy 617– Commercial specification

Inconel alloy 625– ASTM B446

Inconel alloy 718– AMS 5662, 5663, 5664

Incoloy alloy 800- AMS 5766

Incoloy alloy 825– ASTM B 425

Monel Bar

The Monel bars and rods made from Monel 400 and K-500 grades that attain high strength and supreme corrosion resistance over the wide temperature limits. A great feature of Monel bar/rods is their outstanding resistance to hydrofluoric acid at all concentrations up to boiling temperature.  Monel rods are fit for marine and industrial applications. We produce Monel rods in the different grades and designs depending on the application requirements of our clients. Monel rods in various forms include pre-cut and custom specifications following the international standards.

Hastelloy Bar

Hastelloy bars for chemical applications feature close tolerance for high strength and they offer good corrosion resistance in the vigorous environments. Hastelloy bars available other grades are- Hastelloy B2, B3, Hastelloy C276, C4, C2000, X and Hastelloy G-30, etc. 

Hastelloy bars can be used in as-welded conditions for several chemical process environments. The application industry of these bars include – oil and gas, heat exchanger, pulp and paper, chemical, pharmaceutical and many others. Hastelloy round bars work harden easily, they can be deep-drawn and press formed to meet the application requirements. We produce Hastelloy bars and rods in exceptional quality to meet your stringent application needs.


The available alloys in rod/bar form:

Pure Metals Inconel Alloys Hastelloy Alloys Monel Alloys Stainless Steels
Nickel 200/201 Inconel 600 Hastelloy B-2 Monel 400 Duplex Stainless Steel 2205
Titanium Inconel 601 Hastelloy B-3 Monel K500 Duplex Stainless Steel 2507
  Inconel 625 Hastelloy C-4 Copper Nickel Cu90Ni10 904L Stainless Steel
  Inconel 617 Hastelloy C-22 Copper Nickel Cu70Ni30 330 Stainless Steel
  Inconel 718 Hastelloy C-276   310 stainless Steel
  Incone X750 Hastelloy C-2000   316L Stainless Steel
    Hastelloy X    
Resistance Heating Incoloy Alloys Low-expansion Alloys Soft Magnetic Alloys  
Nichrome 80 Incoloy 800 Nilo 52/ Invar 52 Soft Magnetic 30  
Nichrome 60 Incoloy 800H Nilo 48 / Invar 48 Soft Magnetic 36  
Kanthal Incoloy 825 Nilo 42 / Invar 42 Soft Magnetic 48  
FeCrAl 0Cr25Al5 Incoloy A286 Nilo 36 / Invar 36 Soft Magnetic 53  
FeCrAl 0Cr23Al5     Soft Magnetic 78  
FeCrAl 0Cr21Al4     Permalloy  


Hastelloy Monel bars rodsHastelloy Monel bars rods