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Kanthal Replacements

1: Are these materials real?

Sandvik once established production line in China in 1980s and abandoned it later. Basing on this production line and over 20 years’ research, we developed HJ 208, HJ209 and HJ407 as replacement of Kathal D, Kanthal A1 and Kanthal APM. They are produced with the same scientific principle–powder metallurgy technology. So they are real, we provide free sample for testing!

2: Quality Concern & Cost Effectiveness

The HJ407’s properties are equivalent to Kanthal APM, but its price is only about $28/KG~$45/KG. The HJ209’s properties are equivalent to Kanthal A1, and much better than Kanthal D. Its price is only $20/KG~$35/KG. We offer free sample for testing purpose. (Final price depends on product size and ordering quantity.)

3: Fast Delivery and worldwide shipment

7 days: we keep several commonly used sizes in stock, they can be shipped within 7days by air or by sea.

15days: if the size you need is not available in stock, we can produce it by order. The delivery time is 15 days normally.

20-25days: if the ordering quantity is very large, the delivery time will be around 20-25days.