Kanthal APM Substitution

Key Features:

  1. Low tendency to ageing and low resistance change
  2. Long Service Life
  3. Excellent for high temperature heating, up to 1425°C
  4. Less creep of electro-thermal components
  5. Free Sample for Testing

About Kanthal APM Substitution

A Perfect Kanthal APM Substitution–HJ407

1: Kanthal APM Substitution–HJ407’s Development History

Sandvik once established production line in China in 1980s and abandoned it later. Basing on this production line and over 20 years’ research, we developed HJ209 and HJ407 as a substitution of Kanthal A1 and Kanthal APM. They are produced with the same scientific principle–powder metallurgy technology.


2: Kanthal APM Substitution–HJ407’s High quality and cost effectiveness

The HJ407’s properties are equivalent to Kanthal APM, but its price is only about $28/KG~$45/KG (Final price depends on product size and ordering quantity). Want cheaper one? The HJ209’s properties are equivalent to Kanthal A1, and much better than Kanthal D. Its price is only $20/KG~$35/KG. You can use HJ407 as Kanthal APM and Kanthal A1 substitution. Click here for details. 

Free sample is available for testing!


Kanthal APM Substitution–HJ407’s Key Features:
1. Low tendency to ageing and low resistance change
2. Small change in resistivity
3. High creep resistance
4. Excellent surface oxidization properties
5. Excellent for high temperature heating, up to 1425°C

HJ407 takes refined master alloy as raw material, uses powder metallurgy technology to manufacture alloy ingots, and is manufactured by special cold and hot processing and heat treatment process. The product has the advantages of strong oxidation resistance, good corrosion resistance at high temperature, small creep of electro-thermal components, long service life at high temperature and small change of resistance. HJ407 is suitable for high temperature application (max1425 °C), high power density, corrosive atmosphere, carbon atmosphere and other working environments.
HJ407 can be used in ceramic kilns, high temperature heat treatment furnaces, laboratory furnaces, electronic industrial furnaces and diffusion furnaces.

Kanthal APM Substitution–HJ407’s Specifications:
Wire diameter range φ0.1mm-8.5mm

Coils: can be customized according to customer’s requirements

Kanthal APM Substitution–HJ407’s composition (Wt%):

  C Si Mn Cr Al Fe
Min 20 5.5 Bal
Max 0.04 0.5 0.4 22 6.0 Bal

Kanthal APM Substitution–HJ407’s Mechanical Properties:

Tensile   Strength at Room Temperature Elongation rate Hardness Tensile Strength at 1000℃ High Temperature Durability at 1000 ℃and 6MPa
650-750MPa 15-25% HV220-260 20 MPa ≥100h

Density: 7.1g/ cm3
Resistivity: 1.45×10-6 Ω.m
Melting point: 1500℃
Maximum Continuous Working Temperature:1425℃
HJ407 Resistance Temperature Coefficient (Ct):

Temperature 700℃ 900℃ 1100℃ 1200℃ 1300℃
Ct 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.04 1.04

HJ407 Average Linear Expansion Coefficient:

20-800℃ 20-1000℃ 20-1400℃
14 15 16

HJ407 Fast Life:

  1300℃ 1350℃
Average fast life (Hours) 110 90
Sagging rate after rupture (%) 8 11 

Note: Tested according to GB/T13300-91 standard