Kanthal D Substitution

Key Features:

HJ208’s properties are better than Kanthal D in many aspects

HJ208’s price range is between $20/kg and $35/kg

HJ208 is excellent replacement of Kanthal D

Free Sample for testing

About Kanthal D Substitution

HJ208 –A Perfect Kanthal D Substitution

1: HJ208 (Kanthal D Substitution) History-Where did this material come from?

Sandvik once established production line in China in 1980s and abandoned it later. Basing on this production line and over 20 years’ research, we developed HJ 208, HJ209 and HJ407 as substitution of Kanthal D, Kanthal A1 and Kanthal APM. They are produced with the same scientific principle–powder metallurgy technology

2: HJ208(Kanthal D Substitution)–High quality& cost effectiveness

The HJ208 has been used as substitution of Kanthal D by our customers for over 12 years. HJ208 was originally developed as substitution of Kanthal A1, but now we supply it as substitution of Kanthal D. However, HJ208’s properties are better than Kanthal D in many aspects.  HJ208’s price is only about $20/kg~$35/kg (Final price depends on product size and ordering quantity). Free sample is available for testing!

Need a better one? We have more options for you:

1: The HJ209’s properties are equivalent to Kanthal A1, its price is only $22~$38/kg. Click here for more information.

2: The HJ407’s properties are equivalent to Kanthal APM, much better than Kanthal A1. Its price is only $28/KG~$45/KG. You can even use HJ407 as Kanthal A1 replacement. Click here for more information. 

HJ208 (Kanthal D Substitution) Key Features:
1. Low tendency to ageing and low resistance change
2. Excellent surface oxidization properties
3. Excellent for high temperature heating, up to 1350°C

Long-term test proves that HJ208 is the perfect substitute for kanthal D. Compared with conventional Fecral alloy products, HJ208’s purity is further improved and the oxidation resistance is further optimized. Thanks to the special rare earth element combination and unique metallurgical manufacturing process, this material’s performance has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers in field of high temperature ceramic sintering, diffusion furnace, high power density and high temperature industrial furnaces.

HJ208 (Kanthal D Substitution) Available Specifications:
Wire diameter range :0.15-8.5mm
Flat wire size range: thickness 0.1-0.4mm width 0.5-4.5mm
Strip size range: thickness 0.5-2.5mm width 5-48mm

Coils: can be customized according to customer’s special requirements.

HJ208 (Kanthal D Substitution) Main composition (Wt%):

  C Si Cr Al Fe
Min 20 5.5 Bal
Max 0.04 0.4 23 5.9 Bal 

HJ208 Mechanical properties:

Maximum   Operation Temperature Annealed   tensile strength (N/mm2) Elongation  20℃ Resistivity
1350℃ 650-800 >14% 1.48×10-6 Ω.m

HJ208 Resistance Temperature Coefficient (Ct):

800℃ 1100℃ 1300℃
0.980 0.976 0.975

HJ208 Average Linear Expansion Coefficient:

20-800℃ 20-1000℃ 20-1400℃
14 15 16 

HJ208 Fast Life Testing:

  1300℃ 1350℃
Average fast life (Hours) 108 88
Sagging rate after rupture (%) 8 11

Note: Tested according to GB/T13300-91 standard


Note: HJ208 and HJ209 have very similar properties,  The difference can’t be shown on chart.