SoftMag 30,36,48,53,76,78

Key Features:

  1. Soft magnetic alloys have low hysteresis losses
  2. High initial and maximum magnetic permeability
  3. Nominal core losses
  4. Excellent Magnetic Shielding
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About SoftMag 30,36,48,53,76,78

SoftMag Alloy Description Applications
Soft magnetic Alloy 30  Softmag 30 is a Ni-Fe alloy containing 30% nickel. It has small curie point that can be lowered to 40oC – 100oC for ideal temperature compensation.Soft magnetic alloy 30 has a curie temperature just above the room temperature. Within this limit, the saturation polarization is purely based on the ambient temperature. For this, Heanjia Super-Metals supplies softmag alloys that provide adjustable curie temperature between 30oC to 120oC by slightly modifying their chemistry.  Temperature regulation in magnetic devices, sensitive switches, relays, magnetic shunts, speedometers, temperature-sensitive switches, electricity meters, tachometers, electronic scales, measuring equipments. 
Soft magnetic Alloy 36  Softmag 36 series alloy containing 36% nickel has low permeability and high resistvity. It has further two grades possessing same chemistry but different magnetic properties because of unlike processing techniques.Softmag 36A and Softmag 36B  Relays and pulse transformers, field lamination 
Soft magnetic Alloy 48  Softmag 48 is made from Ni-Fe Alloy containing 48% nickel and remaining iron. It has high magnetic permeability and saturation and low hysteresis loss. It is a speciality heat processed metal to achieve the special attributes in low fields such as lowering the Rayleigh region coefficient. It is introduced in finishing heat processed conditions, in cores and lamination forms. These are specifically utilized in telephone and measuring apparatus.  Transducers, differential detectors, relays, current transformers, differential detectors, electrical parts, sensitive relays, safety plugs for gas operations, solenoids, transformers,  magnetic amplifiers, memories, switches. 
Soft magnetic Alloy 53 Softmag 53 alloy has high magnetic permeability and moderate saturation. 53 is a vacuum melted nickel-iron alloy providing high induction at saturation with fine permeability.  Transformer cores, differential detectors, toriods, sensors, motor laminations, valves and different shielding operations. 
Soft magnetic Alloy 76  Soft magnetic alloy or Softmag 76 consists of 76% nickel and remaining iron. It has also high permeability and low saturation. It offers higher saturation induction than softmag 78.  Split armature coils in communication systems such as telephones, solenoids and current transformers 
Soft magnetic Alloy 78  Softmag 78 alloy is made of Nickel-Iron alloy consisting of 78% Ni and remaining Iron. High permeability and low saturation alloy. It offers extensively high initial and maximum permeability at small magnetizing forces. Small core losses and excellent magnetic shielding properties. Cores of magnetic amplifiers, DC transformers, memories, current transformers, filters, Relay cores and inductances 

Forms Produced

SoftMag Wire SoftMag Strip SoftMag Sheet SoftMag Wire Mesh Softmag Foil

Heanjia Super-Metals, America offers all above forms of Softmag alloys in all standard as well as custom specifications.