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The use of materials in marine applications has conventionally been linked with ships. Over the years, although new materials have been developed. Known in industries such as desalination and oil and gas production, additionally the need of large volume of cooling water in the industry usually demanded establishment of plants along the ocean specifically in … Continue reading Applications of Nickel base alloys in stagnant and flowing Seawater

A major limitation of stainless steel is that it is highly susceptible to chloride based localized attack like crevice, pitting and stress corrosion cracking. Hastelloy C276 is the most resistant nickel based super alloy to the chloride based localized corrosion that limits the applications of austenitic stainless steels. In various cases, stress corrosion cracking was … Continue reading How Nickel based super alloys are superior to traditional stainless steels

In alkaline solutions, hydrogen ion is present in nominal concentrations. Usually, the alkali corrosion causes pitting and other localized attack due to the production of cathodic layers and the corrosion is more severe in anodic regions. Austenitic stainless steels and other low nickel materials may experience stress corrosion cracking or general corrosion in hot concentrated … Continue reading How do Nickel and Inconel alloys perform in caustic media

Chemical processing refers to the method of altering one or more compound or chemicals with the help of chemical reactions. The process makes use of several equipment such as heat exchangers, evaporators, flanges, pressure vessels, fittings, valves and pumps. Due to extreme conditions prevailing in the operations that are often found in the solutions that … Continue reading Applications Of Hastelloy C276 In Chemical Processing

Primarily noted as C22, this hastelloy C22 is one versatile form of austenitic alloy, which comprises of its fair share of nickel, tungsten, chromium and molybdenum. This option will help in enhancing the resistance to putting, crevice corrosion and even stress corrosion based cracking. This higher chromium based content helps in providing good resistance to … Continue reading Hastelloy C22 Applications – Areas You Need To know About