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Using the right material is extremely important in the oil and gas industry to withstand high pressure, temperature, and environments that are incredibly corrosive. The alloys of nickel are stronger than the pure nickel that is manufactured commercially. Not only are these alloys known to combat different types of corrosion, are cost-effective and versatile. When … Continue reading Monel 400- A significant material for the Oil And Gas Industry

Thermal spraying is a technology that enhances the surfaces of different solid materials. With the help of this process, you can apply coatings to a varied range of solid materials, and act as resistance to abrasion, corrosion, cavitation, heat, and erosion. It is also used to make materials more lubricating, resistant to low and high … Continue reading What do you need to know more about Thermal Spray Wire

Inconel 625 is a nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy that is popular for its high strength, good fabricability and excellent corrosion resistance. Its outstanding corrosion resistance properties increase the alloy’s demand in a wide range of applications that involve high temperature and corrosive environments. High alloy content of Inconel 625 enables it to withstand diverse severely corrosive conditions. … Continue reading Inconel 625- A versatile corrosion resistant material for chemical plants

High temperature alloys are designed for structural services at temperatures 700oF to 1800oF, for example, in the hot zones of aircraft gas turbine engines. These alloys are made of nickel with chromium added to achieve oxidation resistance and other elements are added for solid solution strengthening and for precipitation from solid solution. Strength, creep resistance … Continue reading How Hastelloy C276 is better than other alloys in Hastelloy family

Arc Spray is a sub-category of arc spray process. It is a method metallization; this means depositing a layer of substrate metal over a surface in order to protect, decorate or add new properties to the surface. How is arc spraying performed? The metalizing wire which is also known as arc spray wire is used … Continue reading Why the use of nickel alloys is recommended as wire in arc spray process