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General Corrosion General corrosion is the most common form of corrosion that causes greatest mass loss of metal. It is attributed by uniform corrosion of the whole area subjected to the corrosive condition. Steel rust when it is exposed to weather is a common example. As the corrosion is linear with time, the service life … Continue reading Which alloys should be used in different types of corrosion

Monel bars are made of two types of Monel alloys such as Monel 400 and Monel K-500. Monel 400 has high strength over various temperatures and has high resistance to various corrosive environments from mildly oxidizing through neutral and in moderately reducing conditions. It has high performance in marine and other nonoxidizing chloride solutions. It … Continue reading Monel 400- Excellent anticorrosive material for process vessels

Inconel 600 is available in various forms including bars, wires, ropes & strands. Inconel 600 wire is of various types such as Round wire, Shaped wire and Flat wire. Inconel 600 is widely used in applications in chemical processing, nuclear engineering, furnace components, food processing, aerospace, thermal processing and many more. Inconel 600 is a … Continue reading Inconel 600 wire- Highly corrosion resistant alloy at high temperatures

Hastelloy C276 is today known as a universally corrosion resistant material and is used in various environments from moderately oxidizing to strong reducing conditions. The limiting factor when dealing with strong oxidizing environments is the low Cr content which indicates that hot and concentrated nitric acid environments are not required. This alloy has exceptional resistance … Continue reading Hastelloy C276 Bar- Highly useful in aggressive environments

Monel Thermal Spray Wire is a high-strength composition of nickel and copper alloy. Coatings with this alloy are highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, seawater, acids and alkaline solutions. These coatings are beneficial for chemical and marine equipment applications. The addition of copper to the alloy increases the resistance in reducing conditions as compared to coatings … Continue reading Monel Wire- Highly corrosion resistant in various environments