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Different welds of Monel 400 and Stainless steel 304 are extensively used in the chemical, petrochemical and nuclear industries that need resistance to heat and corrosion, tolerance for heat cycles and creep and supreme mechanical characteristics. Beside of these needs, the different welds offer saving in new and costly materials. Monel alloy 400- SS 316L … Continue reading Feasibility of GTA method on welding of alloy 400 and 304

A standard SAE and AISI is used to describe the chemistry of the structural steels. The elements present in the large quantities to make steels are copper, nickel, chromium and molybdenum. The popularity of stainless steels varies with time depending of the proven advantages and changes in the metallurgical and engineering demands in the industry. … Continue reading Spark testing of Steels and steel alloys for jet engineering

The knowledge and understanding of uses, strengths and other properties of structural metals is significant to suitably build and retain and equipment, particularly airframes. In aircraft maintenance and repair, in fact a nominal deviation from design specification or substitution of inferior materials, result into loss of lives and equipment. The choice of an ideal material … Continue reading Use of Nickel alloys in aircraft components

Most of electrical sensitive equipments for example transducers, sensors and detectors need security from the electromagnetic interference. Extensive interference is prevented by using a fine conductive metallic layer of mumetal, they fit for various frequency magnetic fields. Mild frequency magnetic interference can be released from equipments for example switches, motors, power units, transformers etc that … Continue reading Mumetal for Low to High frequency magnetic shielding

Titanium pipes have extensive uses in the wide range of applications because of inadequacy of stainless steel and other materials. A popular titanium product is titanium tubes fittings that are used in the different type of products that are significant for corrosion resistance and strength to weight ratio. The various of alloys has excelled their … Continue reading Titanium pipes- Production and Applications