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Stainless steel is a versatile material, initially used for cutlery, soon it became one of the crucial materials in the chemical industry for its excellent corrosion resistance properties. Now corrosion resistance is an essential factor and the mechanical properties of this material are popularized. Below you will discover a count of applications where stainless steel … Continue reading Applications of stainless steel grades

Latest technologies and enhanced methods use tools to receive bigger and complex tool-making techniques for more challenging conditions. Tooling is essential however usually underrated silent contributor for each well deigned complex component. It can also be very expensive factor for any component’s production. In an aerospace facility it has been recently stated that the tool … Continue reading Invar featured tooling for reduced cost and higher efficiency

Nichrome featured Robotic Snow Blower Every year America suffers from severe Snow fall that hampers many of the activities of the nation including school and college. They say, no one can stop you if you are really dedicated in something.  To prove this, the students of Harvard University have designed a snow eliminating roller that … Continue reading Advance Nichrome Uses in 2016

Monel alloy is utilized as a construction material at the various temperatures and, is available in the fabricated forms. Monel 400 plate is used in roofing, flashing and several other building applications. Crimped Monel alloy is used for the different flashing applications such as penthouse sidings and parapet covers and for roofing. These don’t need … Continue reading Monel 400 plate-Roofing and Shielding

Latest aircraft engines and structures are featured by greater fuel efficiency and reliability rather than their traditional counterparts. Engines can perform longer and fly over oceans for several years. In addition of their commercial uses, military sector is also largely based on the utmost performance of jet engines. To receive the best value of the … Continue reading Inconel 718 for aerospace engine applications