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In this post, crevice corrosion resistance performance of Inconel and Hastelloy is evaluated in 3.5% NaCl solution at 60oC. The presence of chromium and molybdenum in these corrosion resistant alloys is found significant. It has been found that these elements have a crucial role in retaining and stabilizing the passivity of Inconel and Hastelloy grades … Continue reading Crevice corrosion resistance performance of Inconel and Hastelloy

Gaseous chlorine at mild temperatures and without moisture is not extremely attacking and is easily handled by carbon steel. Dry hydrogen chloride (HCl) acts in the same manner. Although, the highly acidic HCl adversely affects steel. Corrosion Corrosion is a complicated process, probably unessential factors for example minor magnitude of moisture, contaminants or availability of … Continue reading Alloys Resisting Chloride Media

In the several industrial applications, a metal is exposed to high temperature air which results into their oxidation. In real, many metals burn when they are in hot state such as magnesium and titanium burn in the standard cases which cause severe fire in the processing units. Iron also catches fire. For a metal to … Continue reading Which Metals/Alloys are Oxidation Resistant?

Nickel based superalloys have been used traditionally in the vast range of applications and their popularity is continued even in the modern industries as well because of their great performance in the severe application media. Aircraft and industrial gas turbine engine parts Disks Bolts Shafts Vanes Blades Combustors Afterburners Thrust reversers Stream turbine power plant … Continue reading Industrial applications of Superalloys

Strength At the normal temperatures, the strengths of several metals are assessed in terms of short time properties like yield strength or ultimate strength. Although when temperature increases, specifically up to 50% of the melting temperature for an alloy, strengths should be reckoned in terms of time at which these quantities are measured. Hence, if … Continue reading Properties that state the suitability of superalloys