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Titanium uses- A key material in various industries

Titanium is used in the wide range of projects and products. It takes nominal time to produce a structure that matches the same strength of other metals. If plates are made from titanium, copper and stainless steel, titanium would double the size of copper and around 75% bigger than stainless steel. The equipment in our warehouse offers the versatility to meet the vast range of customer’s requirements.

Titanium in Aerospace industry

The aircrafts widely use titanium in their structure and skin. The aerodynamic friction caused titanium in aircraft framesfrom the intense speeds of the aircrafts may otherwise melt the aircraft if any other metal is used except titanium.  Titanium is used in aircraft engines and frames.

Actually, aerospace industry is the biggest user of titanium. The metal is used in manufacturing fasteners and components of aircrafts. Titanium is also used in making gas turbine engines, compressor blades, engine cowlings, heat shields etc.

The wide use of titanium in the aerospace sector can be resulted by the various factors such as new aircraft designs with enhanced composition.

Military aircrafts:

Titanium is also extensively used in military aircrafts. The significance of this metal in the aerospace industry cannot be underrated. 72% of titanium is alone used in US in aerospace applications whilst the remaining 28% is used in chemical processing, ocean, power production, sports and other applications. Titanium has taken a position as a key material in the aircraft marketplace.

Medical equipments

Titanium is a biocompatible metal; the human body can digest it without any effect. It is estimated that almost 0.8mg of titanium a day is ingested by human. The metal’s density is almost similar to human that will readily adhere to it. These features make Titanium ideal for use in surgical implants for example hip balls, sockets, heart stent and dental implants. Titanium is fit for the medical field. It has high strength to weight ratio that makes it a suitable choice for surgical instruments and other medical apparatus. Wheelchairs created using titanium offer the lightest weight, but highly strong and, wheelchairs are also made for growing kids.

Titanium in daily life- The mined and synthetic titanium, around 5% is used to make titanium metal.  The 95% of metal is used in creating lightweight frame.

Architecture: Titanium produces an adherent security oxide layer when contacts with oxygen. It is the layer that produces bright surface with changes in the thickness of layer. It is also used to help structural repair of historic buildings.

Sports : Due to high strength and lightweight, Titanium is fit for sport equipment. It is a basic material for use in the lightest bicycle in the world. It is also widely used in manufacturing golf club heads. The corrosion and erosion resistance properties of titanium make it fit for safety equipment.  

Titanium also resists corrosion by strong acids and alkalis. It is tough and brittle when cold and you need to heat it to shape or draw it into wires.