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Titanium metal has exceptional strength and corrosion resistance properties that make it a special metal for use in the diverse applications especially in the aeronautical sector in the production of aircraft components such as frames, discs, compressor, and rotating materials. It is one of the most abundantly found metals on the earth crust that offer … Continue reading Titanium- Properties,Corrosion Resistance and Applications

Fe-Ni alloys containing nickel concentration minimum 35 percent exhibit an exclusive low thermal expansion coefficient and their size is almost constant at and around room temperature. Hence they are known as INVAR alloys. They describe anomalous magnetic properties, for instance, deviation of magnetization from the Slater Pauling curve by reducing the count of electrons in … Continue reading Invar Iron-Nickel Low expansion alloy properties and uses

Nickel The industrial demand for nickel and its alloys keeps increasing at the wide rate irrespective of its high price in the recent time. It is because of enduring need of metals that provide extensive corrosion resistance in the severe chemical media and stress. The equipments are developed using these metals that offer prolong life … Continue reading Industrial Specialty Nickel Alloys

The nickel based alloys are used in the wider range of applications as corrosion resistant alloys, resistance heating elements, controlled expansion alloys and elevated temperature creep resistant alloys. Days are gone when the emphasis was on the initial cost of the material. Only little concern was given to the maintenance and downtime related with the … Continue reading Nickel and High Nickel Alloys Welding Metallurgy

The high performance stainless steels are those steel types that are manufactured for providing better corrosion resistance in the severe conditions as compare to traditional steel type 304l that consists of 18 percent chromium (Cr), 8 percent nickel (Ni) and steel type 316l that consists of similar content of Cr and Ni with 2 percent … Continue reading High Functionality Stainless Steels