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Inconel is a high nickel containing alloy. It consists of the maximum nickel content and offers resistance specifically at the elevated temperatures. It is an excellent material for use in the sulfur free conditions. Inconel alloy can be utilized from cryogenic to above 1200oF. It is broadly utilized in the chemical plants. The applications include … Continue reading Inconel and Hastelloy alloy C-Corrosion resistance properties

Stainless steel grades 316, 304L, 321, 347 are discussed. Chemical composition   316 304L 321 347 Carbon .08 % .03 % .08 % .08 % Chromium 16 to 18 % 18 to 20 % 17 to 19 % 17 to 19 % Molybdenum 2 to 3% – – – Iron Rem Rem Rem Rem Titanium – … Continue reading Stainless steel corrosion resistance properties

Sulfurous Acid Sulfurous acid is normally of very corrosive nature . The solutions of sulfurous acid and calcium bisulfate utilized to prepare sulfite paper pulp are also of extremely attacking nature in the dilute solutions like exist in spent cooking liquor or in the paper itself. The corrosion resistance is superior and significant magnitude of Monel … Continue reading Corrosion resistance properties of Monel alloy 400

With nominal exceptions, organic acids are weak and non-oxidizing in nature. The usually encountered acids are monocarboxylic acids such as formic acid, acetic acid, propionic acid and butyric acids. Commonly the corrosivity of these acids becomes weaker with increasing the length of carbon chain. Therefore, formic acid is the most powerful corrosive acid; aeration and … Continue reading High Nickel alloy’s corrosion behavior in Organic acid

Nickel alloy 200 The excellent property of Nickel alloy 200 is its resistance capability against caustic soda and other alkalies (excluding ammonium hydroxide). The alloy is not corroded by anhydrous ammonia or ammonium hydroxide in concentrations about 1%. Higher concentrations can result in quick corrosion in the availability of dissolved oxygen. Nickel alloy 200 provides outstanding … Continue reading Nickel alloy’s resistance performance in Alkali media