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Alloy 600 provides good resistance to general corrosion and is used employed in the light water reactor power units such as in PWRs and boiling water reactors or BWRs. The alloy is used in steam producer tubes, nozzles, pressurized heater sleeves, instrument nozzles and other components in PWR units. The reasons for choosing Inconel 600 … Continue reading Inconel 600 for pressure vessels

Following the US government study, every year hundred billion dollars are spent in the installation and maintenance of waste water treatment systems. These include metals withstanding chlorides, sulfates, hydrogen sulfide and bacteria in the municipal sewage or the extreme fluctuations in the composition of industrial waste water. Combining these chemicals with elevated temperature processes for … Continue reading Production of alloys for waste water treatment system has begun

Stress corrosion cracking Stress corrosion cracking or SCC is a cracking procedure that needs the simultaneous action of corrosive agent and residual tensile stress. It isolates the corrosion reduced areas damaged by quick cracking. It also isolates the intercrystalline or transcrystalline attack that can damage the alloy without applied or remaining stress. The stress corrosion … Continue reading Severe corrosive attacks on Petrochemical materials

Nickel base super alloys for aerospace engineering are a special class of materials offering high strength at the elevated temperature limits. Nickel based alloys are suitable for use above 500oC in the corrosive and oxidizing media. Aircraft engine compressor, combustion chamber, turbine discs and blades that need high stress and high temperature tolerable properties, high … Continue reading Choose Aerospace Nickel base superalloys

Alloy Density ASTM/ BS/ DIN/SEW Features Nilo 36 8.2 Lower thermal expansion coefficient Nickel 201 8.89 B162 Pure metal for industrial use, excellent corrosion resistance, elevated temperature strength and small temperature hardness Monel 400 Nickel-Copper Alloy 8.83 B127/ NA13/ 2.4360 Extremely resistant to marine water, alkalis and fluoric acid Incoloy 825 8.14 NA16/2.4858 High quality … Continue reading Special alloys for demanding industries