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The alloys tested are austenitic stainless steel type 304, SS 316, cupronickel alloy 90/10, cupronickel alloy 70/30, Superalloy Incoloy alloy 825 and Inconel 625. This article describes the performance of these alloys in the marine water. The samples of these alloys were placed in the seawater in the different levels such as above water, partially immersed … Continue reading Influence of marine water on Nickel based super alloys

Inconel 625 products are specifically suited for welding austenitic and super-austenitic stainless steels. NiCrMo and FeNiCrMo alloy weldments attain elemental segregation upon solidification. This results in few parts of the weld structure that are enriched in alloying elements whilst others are depleted. As a result, many weld regions have lower corrosion resistance. Therefore, weldments accumulated … Continue reading Inconel 625 weld metal for joining super alloys

Inconel alloy 625 is known for its supreme characteristics such as high tensile strength and resistance to creep and stress rupture at high temperatures. Moreover, it has proven to become a highly versatile alloy with several significant characteristics such as high strength, fracture hardness, fabricability and corrosion resistance. Alloy 625 is a versatile alloy comprising … Continue reading Inconel alloy 625 – Potential characteristics for high temperature applications

You would be familiar with the significance of shims if you are into the installation of windows, door or kitchen cabinets. These materials maintain the level and square shape of the things. It is hard to accept but airplanes, tractors and industrial machinery are alike. In few cases the joining parts just do not meet … Continue reading Inconel metal strip shims for industrial assemblies

Natural gas has been consistently one of the most abundant energy sources on this earth. The increased recovery of new gas is done through deep developments that create aggressive media for downhole tubular and other well parts. Earlier the selection of alloys for oil and gas plants was very straightforward. Low steel grades and carbon … Continue reading Super alloys for Natural gas and oil plants