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Queries commonly made up about the comparative resistance of Monel alloy 400 and Monel alloy K-500 against the stress corrosion cracking in the presence of HF, specifically in applications for pressure gauges utilized in refinery HF alkylation plants. However Monel alloy 400 is found to be slightly more resistant to stress corrosion cracking in the … Continue reading SCC resistance of Monel K-500 vs. Monel 400 in Hydrofluoric acid

Recuperation improves the efficiency of gas turbine engines by releasing heat from the exhaust gas stream and pre-heat the compressor to ejaculate air. The elevated temperature oxidation and creeping attacks are key problems that are driving the use of heat resistant alloys in the recuperator panels. Many modern recuperators are made of austenitic stainless steel … Continue reading Advanced Alloy 625 in primary surface recuperator of gas turbine engines

Types of Silver Demand The demand for silver metal can be categorized into: Production and Investment. The production demand describes cultivating silver into a specific product form like jewelry, silver strip, silver mesh and silver foil that are used as a component in semiconductors, chemical compounds and soldering. Investment demand arises when silver is used … Continue reading Silver’s Demand Prediction in 2015 by Heanjia Super-Metals

Heanjia Super-Metals, the pioneer super-alloys manufacturer introduces the production facility worthing hundred million dollars for the production of nickel based super-alloy’s components for aerospace and jet engines. The production unit is established over 15,000 square-meters to allow Heanjia’ engineers reach from the basic engine parts for industry and local jet engines to extensive commercial aircraft … Continue reading HSM introduces advanced production service for Nickel based superalloy aerospace engine components

Inconel alloy 718 was discovered in 1980s for downhole apparatus.  The need for meeting high pressure gas wells demands a high strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance to gas containing high carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide for completion apparatus. The superalloys like Hastelloy C-276 were available and provided outstanding corrosion resistance to the anticipated fluids. … Continue reading Inconel Alloy 718 for oil and gas industry