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High nickel alloys Inconel and Hastelloy bars for high temperature corrosion

Marine seawater pipes Monel Inconel

Chemical processing units are engaged in a battle against corrosion to ensure that processes operate safely and consistently. Corrosion vigorously affects different types of materials ranging from metals to even plastics. Various processes demand a variety of materials to secure the material from corrosion and its ensuing issues.

Different types of corrosion- susceptible equipment, like valves, fittings and instrumentation, demand special focus. It is because they corrode faster than other components in a standard process stream, even a nominal magnitude of corrosion, has a wide impact on performance.

For corrosion based applications, use of super alloys Inconel bars with high mechanical stability is recommended as standard material. Although stainless steels offer outstanding mechanical properties, their corrosion resistance is not adequate particularly in concentrated acids at high temperatures. But they are usually used in the most severe applications, special alloys are suitable for use in corrosion based equipment in various industries such as chemical processing, advanced energy production, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and food and beverages.

Coated steel offers supreme corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength. They are suitable for use in different corrosive applications, however as other materials, they cannot be used in all solutions. With increase in temperatures, the polymers lose their properties and hence affect the equipment function. This issue is particularly relevant in specific conditions as a combination of high temperature and pressure, large flowrate and or the presence of mildly abrasive particles. In some applications, the porosity of polymer allows corrosive gases to diffuse through the coating and affects the steel.

Generally, the process equipments made from super alloys are mechanically rugged and offer supreme corrosion resistance for various applications. So while choosing materials, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  1. Estimated service life
  2. Consistency with respect to safety and economic outcomes of failure
  3. Availability and delivery
  4. Related material cost

Corrosion rate is the rate at which the metal is corroded in the target media, is the essential factor for evaluating the super metal or alloy, as this feature directly impacts the estimated service life of the equipment.


This metal is one of the most corrosion resistant metals. It offers supreme performance in various corrosive conditions and offers superior protection than stainless steel as it has a larger affinity for oxygen and more readily produces a security oxide layer. It offers suitable performance in seawater, wet chlorine and organic chloride conditions. However titanium offers supreme corrosion resistance to these solutions, it is not resistant to conditions at high temperatures for example hot seawater at 110oC.

Therefore Heanjia recommends use of high grade Inconel and Hastelloy bars that are made for use in the vigorous service conditions such as seawater, petrochemical gas and oil refining, nuclear power plant, aeronautical, aerospace and many others. We supply high quality nickel alloy bars with high mechanical strength for use at high temperatures. For more information, contact us today.