Ultra Thin Nickel Wire

Key Features:

Ultra thin nickel wir 0.025mm, 0.026mm, 0.028mm and 0.03mm

Sealed in plastic containers. Purity>99.6%(Nickel standard: N6)

Price $200/KG~$420/KG depending on the wire diameter and ordering quantity

Free sample is available for quality test before making payment



About Ultra Thin Nickel Wire

Heanjia draws ultra thin nickel wire for our customers according to customer requirements. Our customers use nickel wire to produce items such as electrical contacts, electronic components, resistors, woven mesh, leads, etc.  Nickel wire is also used to produce items for the aerospace, battery, and medical industries.

Our stocked ultra thin nickel wire’s diameters are 0.025mm, 0.026mm, 0.028mm and 0.03mm. They are sealed in plastic containers. Their purity is >99.6%(Nickel standard: N6). The price is between $200/KG and $420/KG depending on the wire diameter and ordering quantity. Free sample is available for quality test before making payment. (Note: we also can manufacture the wire according to customer’s requirement)

Nickel wire forms a dense oxide film on the surface of the humid air at room temperature, which prevents the substrate metal from continuing to oxidize. Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and alkaline solutions etch very little nickel wire. Nickel wire slowly dissolves in dilute nitric acid. Strong nitric acid can passivate the surface of the nickel wire and is corrosion resistant.
Nickel wire can be used to produce corrosion-resistant strong tubes, bulbs, fluorescent lamps, anodes, gaskets, welding tongs, lighting, broadcasting equipment, woven mesh, chlor-alkali chemicals, petroleum, electric power, aviation, marine development and environmental protection.

Ultra Thin Nickel Wire Specifications:

Production name Ultra-Thin Nickel Wire
Material Grade N4, N6
Wire diameter 0.025mm~0.10mm
Package Sealed in Plastic Container
MOQ 500g

Ultra Thin Nickel Wire Chemical Composition:

Version Ni(%) C(%) Cu(%) Si(%) Fe(%) Mn(%) S
N4 99.9 0.01 0.01 0.03 0.04 0.02
N6 99.5 <0.10 <0.03 <0.10 <0.10 <0.05 0.01

ultra thin nickel wire 3       ultra thin nickel wire 5