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Applications of Inconel 625 as a key industrial material

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Inconel 625 has superior properties which make it suitable for use in strategic industries where the application of super alloys is required. The alloy finds several applications in gas turbines, aircraft engines, marine industries and chemical power plants. It also shows supreme properties in terms of strength, corrosion resistance and creep strength at high temperatures. The unique combination of mechanical properties of Inconel 625 wire includes high yield strength, tensile strength, fatigue and creep strength and outstanding weldability.

Production of nickel based alloy components follows two mechanisms:

  1. They can be produced as an integrated casting
  2. The components can be joined to produce the final assembly.

Components when subjected to vigorous service conditions like high temperature, oxidizing and reducing conditions for prolong periods experience surface deformation and eventual failure.

Welding of nickel based superallloys over the years is mainly performed by gas tungsten arc welding, electron beam welding , laser beam welding, explosion welding and friction stir welding. Traditional fusion welding. However these processes are well known, the wide heat produced through these processes, the production of hot cracks, segregation of niobium and molybdenum enriched phase cause the development of Laves phase and considerable change in microstructures of both heat affected region and weld zone that affect mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Additionally need of shielding gas in laser beam welding and retaining high vacuum during electron beam welding processes and high power demands related with laser welding process jointly increase the service costs.

Significant works have been conducted earlier to feaure the welded joints of Inconel 625. During solidification of Inconel 625, formation of Laves phase occurs which affects the strength of welded joints. During solidification by tungsten inert gas arc welding of C-MN steel plates by using Inconel 625 filler wire, a new way for solidification of the weld overlay is proposed to decrease the production of Laves phase. Pulsed plasma arc welding of Inconel 625 alloy is observed. Processing of metals by using microwave energy is difficult because metals are known to reflect microwaves at room temperature. Welding of Inconel 625 in bulk form by using nickel as interface filler material by using microwave energy has been stated. In a similar work,  the dissimilar welding of SS 316 plates by using SS 316 grade. Inconel 625 plates were connected successfully through microwave hybrid heating by using Inconel 625 as filler material. The precipitation of secondary phases at the grain boundaries is noticed. Observed tensile strength is higher by 15% than that noticed earlier whilst in welding of Inconel 625 alloy has been performed by using nickel interface alloy.

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