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Why Thermal wire spraying is more preferable in multiple industries

thermal spray wire

Thermal Spray is a form of thermal spray that uses wire as a feed stock. An electric arc acts as a heat source by using two current carrying wires. An electric short circuit due to feeding two wires towards each other produces temperature above 4000oC that results into melting of wire tip which is atomized by an inert gas and sent as feed metal towards the substrate. The benefit of arc spray wire system is that two wires of different materials can be used to develop a pseudo alloy. The cored wires are also used to develop coatings with specific characteristics. Arc spraying process is used in the large scale spray applications for example corrosion resistance of big size equipments or repair of damaged parts.

The Thermal spray systems with double wires offer high deposition rates. They are also effective in the spray applications that experience lightweight gun, commence-halt operation or fuel gas issues. Double thermal spray is the prime choice for all purpose spray applications, the coatings are applied quickly and economically. Various metal coating materials used range from aluminium to tungsten, offering durable bonding, excellent deposition rate and nominal substrate heating. The sprayed metal is often harder in wrought form with larger lubrication characteristics.

Industries that demand electric thermal spray

Various industries that take the advantages of electric thermal spray in their operations are:

  • Electrical
  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Power production
  • Electronics

The bond strength is achieved up to 9,000 psi. In wire thermal spray, the weight of coating that can be accumulated in a specific time unit is based on the electric power of the equipment and wire density as well as melting point. The thermal wire spray is used to:

  1. Increase the life of components by making them resistant to corrosion, cracking and damage
  2. Repair the affected components to their recommended dimensions at a more economical price as compare to replacing the component.

Thermal wire spray is easily applicable through hand operated device or featured in an automated machine. Latest improvements in the system design and technology have enable the use of electric thermal spray in the diverse applications including mould making, anti-skid coatings, decorative coating and more. It is widely used for reclamation of damaged or poorly machined components like repair of bearing and seal journals on shafts and housing bores. The spray is applied to redevelop parts to new sizes in addition of OEM tolerances.

Advanced applications for thermal spray wire are constantly discovered. It is also used to coat architectural components in buildings or artistic structures before configuration. The slip resistant coating is recommended for marine oil walkways and aircraft and ship stairways to make them more secured for use. The commonly used materials for thermal spray wire are Nickel, Monel, Nichrome, Inconel 625, Inconel 718 and stainless steels. The stainless steel 304 wire is specifically designed for thermal spray applications as it offers high shrink properties and is widely used in machine component repair, size restoration and wear resistance applications.