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Proficient Use Of Hastelloy C22 In Aqueous Solutions

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It is true to state that seawater is probably the most common example of aqueous salt solution. It will not just encounter with the marine based transportation and offshore related oil rigs, but it can also work well as coolant in some of the coastal facilities. Now, there are some materials used for the industrial purposes, which will be of no harm even after coming in direct contact with aqueous solution.

One such alloy is Hastelloy C22, which is widely used for manufacturing marine transportation items and so much more, which will come in direct contact with the sea water or aqueous sections. The material is known for its high tensile strength. So, the products made using these materials are subject to last for long, even after coming in direct contact with sea water on a regular basis. Some of the experiments and results have indicated that C22 is one such alloy, which is resistant to crevice corrosion in terms of seawater, making it a reliable choice for the manufacturing units these days.

Characteristics to focus at:

Before you end up investing some bucks on Hastelloy C22, you might want to learn more about the characteristics this nickel based alloy has in store for the world. Apart from Hastelloy C22 in aqueous solutions, there are some other characteristics involved, making this item one promising choice among the lot.

  • The materials are known to be resistant enough to crevice corrosion, pitting and stress corrosion cracking.
  • On the other hand, you cannot deny the outstanding resistance to that of oxidizing media and hat towards reducing the same.
  • Then you have excellent resistance to that of the oxidizing aqueous media. It can resist any formation of grain based precipitates in weld heat affected zones.
  • Then this alloy is noted to have exceptional resistance to wider varieties of the chemical process environments, which will be including stronger oxidizers like acetic anhydrite, ferric acids, brine solutions, sea water and so much more.
  • Excellent form of welding ability is another interesting point for you to consider whenever you are dealing with the use of this material in aqueous solution for a change.

Even though this alloy is one finest example while constructing transportation items for the marine world, you have to be sure of the vendor from where you are going to get hands on these alloys. There are so many of them available in the market and claiming to offer the finest Hastelloy C 22 alloy for daily use. You have to be sure of all the available options and then head for the one you like the most among the lot.

Multiple forms to consider:

This alloy is available in multiple forms for the better option to consider. Some of those options are plate, sheet, bar, pipe and tube and even some fittings such as blinds, slip-ons, flanges and so much more to consider.