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Monel Wire- Highly corrosion resistant in various environments

phosphoric acid plants

Monel Thermal Spray Wire is a high-strength composition of nickel and copper alloy. Coatings with this alloy are highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, seawater, acids and alkaline solutions. These coatings are beneficial for chemical and marine equipment applications. The addition of copper to the alloy increases the resistance in reducing conditions as compared to coatings of pure nickel. These coatings are machinable and low shrink. Monel wire coating is more resistant than coatings of pure copper under streaming seawater environment, oxidizing conditions and non-ventilated sulfuric acid environments. This wire is not attacked by neutral and alkaline high temperature salt solutions with high air content.

Monel wire has various applications such as

  • Corrosion protection for desalination and chemical plants.
  • Corrosion protection for machine elements such as pumps, plungers, steam valves and seal rings.
  • Protects immersed machine elements from saltwater corrosion for applications where a surface harder than typical galvanic coatings is needed.
  • Protection against sulfuric acid environments at temperatures up to 600°C for applications such as dryers, industrial chemical crystallizers and vaporizers.
  • Resists saltwater corrosion for components such as vaporizers and petrochemical crude oil distillation towers.

Monel 400 alloy is used in the form of wire in numerous applications. It is a solid solution alloy that can be hardened only by cold working. It has high strength in a wide range of temperatures and high resistance to many corrosive environments. This alloy is widely used in marine and chemical processing however typical applications are

  • Pump and propeller shafts
  • Electrical and electronic components
  • Chemical process equipment
  • Crude petroleum stills, process vessels and piping
  • Deaerating heaters
  • Gasoline and fresh water tanks
  • Valves and pumps
  • Boiler feedwater heaters and other heat exchangers
  • Marine fixtures and fasteners
  • Cable wrap for oil and gas production
  • Screens

Monel 400 alloy is ductile and resistant to a wide range of corrosive conditions due to its nickel and copper combination. It has applications in a wide range of environments from mildly oxidizing through neutral and to moderately reducing conditions. This alloy also has applications in marine environments and other non-oxidizing chloride solutions. Monel 400 alloy is non hardenable by heat treatment and it is easily bent. Monel 400 alloy doesn’t fail by stress crack corrosion in the presence of chlorine or chloride. It can corrode in some environments however it can be observed and prevented by maintenance. It has resistance to pitting in fresh water and to oxidization. Monel 400 alloy can operate from cryogenic temperatures to 500°F.

Monel K-500 alloy is also used in the form of wire and has similar corrosion resistance as Monel 400 alloy however it has higher strength and hardness. It is age hardenable and suitable for sea water applications. This alloy has low permeability and is non-magnetic to temperatures as low as -101°C. Typical applications where Monel K-500 is used are

  • Springs
  • Oil Well Tools
  • Fasteners
  • Instruments
  • Pump Shafts
  • Marine Propeller Shafts

The increased properties in Monel K-500 alloy are obtained by adding aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper base and by heating under controlled conditions so that the submicroscopic particles of Ni3 (Ti, Al) are precipitated throughout the matrix.