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Inconel 600 wire- Highly corrosion resistant alloy at high temperatures

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Inconel 600 is available in various forms including bars, wires, ropes & strands. Inconel 600 wire is of various types such as Round wire, Shaped wire and Flat wire. Inconel 600 is widely used in applications in chemical processing, nuclear engineering, furnace components, food processing, aerospace, thermal processing and many more. Inconel 600 is a nickel-chromium-iron alloy that is highly resistant to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking due to the high nickel content. This alloy can be hardened and strengthened through cold work only therefore age-hardening treatments are not needed. Inconel 600 operates from cryogenic temperatures to 700°F. Some other applications are seals, springs and lockwire.

Inconel 600 has high resistance to carbonization, oxidation and nitriding. It has high resistance to stress corrosion in room and high temperatures. Inconel 600 has high resistance against dry chlorine and hydrogen chloride. This alloy has excellent mechanical properties at both low and high temperatures. The chromium concentration of Inconel 600 provides the alloy with higher resistance under oxidizing conditions. The high nickel concentration results in excellent resistance under reducing conditions and in alkali solutions. This alloy 600 is resistant to chloride stress corrosion cracking. It has excellent resistance against acetic acid, formic acid and other organic acids. Minor attack can occur at room and higher temperatures in dry gases such as chlorine or hydrogen chloride. It has been noticed in temperatures of up to 550°C in these media that the alloy is highly resilient of all conventional alloys.

Inconel 600 has its applications in steel pipes, transport rollers, ventilators and other installations in industrial furnaces. It is widely used in thermal element protective conduits in nitriding and carburizing atmospheres. It is used in the production of caustic alkalis, especially with the presence of sulfur bonds. Inconel 600 is used in plant parts for the production of chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons. It is commonly used in industrial furnace muffles, in particular for heat treatment in N2 atmospheres. It is used in parts such as cladding tubes for control rods, steam dryers, reactors tanks & seals and separators in boiling water reactors. This alloy is used in pipes for dichloroethylene pyrolysis and in pipes in TiCl4 evaporators in the production of TiO2. It is used in vessels and piping used to contain caustic solutions. Inconel 600 is used for the automotive industry for high temperature sensors, rupture discs in airbag systems, electrodes for spark plugs and gaskets.

Inconel 600 is processed using common industrial processing techniques. It is essential to keep the workpieces clean and free of any contaminations before and during heat treatment. Sulfur, lead, phosphorus and other low-melting point metals result in material damage during the heat treatment. This type of contamination is also found in marking and temperature-indicating paints or pens, and also in lubricating grease, fuels, oils and similar materials. The sulfur content of fuels must be as low as possible. Natural gas should contain less than 0.1 wt.-% of sulfur. Heating oil with a maximum sulfur content of 0.5 wt.-% is also suitable. Electric furnaces are preferred for their precise temperature control and a lack of contaminations from fuels. The furnace temperature should be set between neutral and slightly oxidizing and it should not change between oxidizing and reducing. The workpieces must not come in direct contact with flames.