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Hastelloy rupture discs for prolong service in relieving extreme pressure

The rupture disc equipments are chosen as crucial and reliable solutions to protect from extreme pressure for a wide range of storage and process vessels. The aim of using rupture disc is to keep a leak-free seal and become a durable bystable to decrease the extreme pressure. The sanitary and hygienic applications require special rupture disc options to meet the cleanability and compliance with industrial needs and there are conditions when the disc service can be severely affected by application procedures and operation and maintenance methods.

A vast range of pharmaceutical manufacturing units have been using the durable sanitary rupture disc in the sterilization processes for injection bottles. Over the time the discs have been used, a terribly small service life has been found that make it essential to replace the discs after each three months. It caused widely high cost of the plant maintenance and frequent downtimes.

The latest pressure relief products are made to meet the specific and challenging sanitary and hygienic demands as stated by the pharmaceutical industry. The new discs are made with stainless steel 316/316l or Hastelloy plate offer highly smooth and indention-free surface, it has the potential to serve the cycle in the fully vacuum condition and offers excellent service life.

Outstanding results

The replacement of traditional discs with Hastelloy discs on the decontamination units for a year without any corrosion, a wide enhancement has been received. Now the users tested three more discs to control the downtime and labor costs, it allowed a significantly large cost saving.

The disc are designed and anticipated to withstand the application protocols for minimum five years. As the replacement of discs every three months is conducted, within a time length of 5 years, around 20 discs for each disc have been used.

Estimating the need of discs according to the count of applications, the economy in regular maintenance and unknown downtime and the savings estimated by using the new and advanced instrument is extreme. Additionally the users are happy with the associated cost-effectiveness while maintaining the safety standards.


While dealing with the health and life safety factors, there is no space for mistake. Extensive and regularly changing and emerging markets, the pharmaceutical companies in the present time are looking for competitive solutions.

The rupture discs are specifically made for the vigorous sanitary and aseptic needs of the pharmaceutical industries. In the various conditions, use of Hastelloy C22 discs is preferred over the stainless steel due to their higher corrosion resistance.

Over the years of research and analysis, it has been made possible to develop discs from alloy C276 and stainless steel 316. It comes with three years ensured service of the discs.

Use of Hastelloy and stainless steel ensure that the service would be free from crevices and other design factors that may cause contamination. The features of these discs include:

  1. Complete vacuum resistance at the whole burst pressures
  2. Service in both gas and liquid media
  3. Non-fragmentation and offers supreme service in releasing extreme pressure
  4. ASME certification
  5. Withstand industrial standards