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Arc Spray Wire- Excellent corrosion & wear resistance

thermal spray wire combustion

Arc Spray is a form of thermal spray that uses wire as a feed stock and an electric arc is used to provide heat source by using two current carrying wires. The electric current short circuits between the wires as the wires fed towards each other thus creating a temperature of around 4000°C.This temperature causes the tips of the wire to melt and once molten, the compressed air or inert gas is used to atomize & accelerate the feed metal towards the substrate. Benefit of Arc Spray Wire system is that two different wires can be used simultaneously to create a pseudo alloy. Cored wires can be used that produce coatings with unique properties. Arc Spray Wire is used for large areas such as corrosion resistance on large components or for the building of worn components.

Electric Arc Wire Spray provides excellent portability for on-site coatings and has applications in piston rings, varistors, welded tube seams, boiler walls, capacitors and large infrastructures. It uses electricity & atomized air to melt metallic alloy & pure metal wires. We use two metallic wires of the same composition as the coating feedstock for the Electric Arc Wire Spray Process. The two wires are electrically charged with opposing polarity and are fed into the Arc gun at matched & controlled speeds. The opposing charges on the wires create enough heat to continuously melt the tips of the wires when the two wires are brought in contact. Compressed air is used to atomize the now molten material and accelerate it onto the workpiece surface to form the coating.

Key features of the Arc Spray Wire are

  • High spray rates
  • Excellent portability for on-site coatings
  • No requirement of any process water or gases except compressed air

Applications of our Arc Spray Wire are

  • Coatings to resist heat and prevent scaling of conventional low alloy steels
  • High-temperature oxidation protection used to resist gases in boiler atmospheres
  • Coatings on moulds in the glass industry
  • Bond coats for improving the adhesion of top coatings
  • Dimensional restoration
  • Corrosion protection
  • Wear resistance

Features of Arc Spray Wire are suitable for reclamation and re-engineering of a wide range of rotating & moving parts from various machines such as Aircraft, Pumps, Electric motors, Chemical Plant, Mining, Ships, Valves, Paper making machines, Food machinery, Earthmovers, Power generation, Aerospace Turbine repair, Road & rail vehicles, Machine tools, Landing gear (chrome replacement) and any other equipment that is subject to erosion, wear or corrosion.

Components that are benefitted from the surface properties provided by Arc Spraying are Rock drilling bits, Gate & Ball valves, Hydraulic Piston Rods, Fluid Seals, Turbine Blades, Petrochemical Industries, Down-hole tools for the oil & gas, Print Rollers, Turbine Blades and Aerospace Combustion Chambers.

Twin-wire Electric Arc Spray Systems are popular as these help in increasing profits with lower maintenance costs. The electric Arc gun has no moving parts and the electric arc guide tips & the air cap are the only consumable parts in the gun head itself.