Haynes 214

Key Features:

  1. Haynes 214 is a heat resistant wrought alloy
  2. Great oxidation resistance
  3. Elevated temperature corrosion resistance
  4. Prevents carburization and nitridation
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About Haynes 214

Super alloy Haynes 214 is a member of nickel based alloys family and is made for use at the applications temperatures up to 955oC or 1751oF. It offers great resistance to oxidation even superior than many heat resistant wrought alloys. 

NiCrAlFe alloy Haynes 214 is recommended for offering suitable high temperature oxidation resistance while traditional forming and joining. Outstanding oxidation resistance is provided by the formation of extremely adherent alumina oxide layer that is produced prior the chromium oxide layers up to 1750of. For temperatures below this limit, N07214 develops a protective layer that is a combination of chromium and aluminum oxides.  This combined layer is less stronger but still provides oxidation resistance similar to the super nickel base alloys.

Industrial Nomenclatures of Haynes 214 : W.Nr 2.4646, AWS 061, UNS N07214

Haynes 214 Fabrication Properties

Machining: Alloy 214 is machinable by common methods that are used for iron based alloys. It work hardens while machining and has better strength. Use of heavy duty machining apparatus and tooling is preferred.

Forming: Alloy 214 has fine ductility therefore it can be easily formed by any traditional methods. Strong apparatus should be employed for forming.

Welding:  Conventional welding methods can be used except submerged arc welding. Same filler metal should be used.

Annealing: Annealing temperature up to 1093oC or 2000oF then quickly air quenched.

Cold Processing: Cold processing is done by standard tooling. Plain carbon tool steels should not be used.

Haynes 214 Applications:

Commercial furnace components, gas turbine components, refractory anchors, catalytic converters, static oxidation limited parts, hospital waste incinerators, mesh belts, fixtures, electronic devices and technical  ceramics.

Haynes 214 Forms Produced

Haynes 214 Alloy Wire Haynes 214 Alloy Wire Mesh
Haynes 214 Alloy Strip Haynes 214 Alloy Sheet
Haynes 214 Foil


Heanjia Super Metals, America offers all above forms of Haynes 214 in all standard as well as custom specifications.

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