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Anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and hydrofluoric acid are widely used in the industrial applications. Hydrofluoric acid is used in pickling of stainless steels, acid processing wells, glass etching, development of aluminium fluoride, synthetic cryolite for aluminium development, production of fluorinated organics like aerosol propellants, special purpose solvents, plastics, refrigerants and development of fluorides and fluoborates. Aqueous … Continue reading Which alloy is best for use in hydrofluoric acid applications?

Additive manufacturing is the major hit in the aerospace industry that transforms the way engineers develop and design engines, fuselages, landing gear and innumerable of other components. In the upcoming time, everything from jetliners to satellites will be configured in a different manner because of 3D printed components. Therefore many aerospace companies find the creative … Continue reading Nickel alloys Additive manufacturing for aerospace components

The rupture disc equipments are chosen as crucial and reliable solutions to protect from extreme pressure for a wide range of storage and process vessels. The aim of using rupture disc is to keep a leak-free seal and become a durable bystable to decrease the extreme pressure. The sanitary and hygienic applications require special rupture … Continue reading Hastelloy rupture discs for prolong service in relieving extreme pressure

Positive material identification (PMI) is used to recognize and test the different metallic materials depending on their chemical composition in the test. In this post the alloys used are Inconel 625 and stainless steel 316l. The analyses include a field testing by using the PMI analyzers. As the specifications for materials utilized in the industry … Continue reading Demand of PMI method for material recognize in various applications

Alloy 625 resists oxidation and corrosion in aqueous media and offers good strength. Good hardness and strength of this alloy is due to the inclusion of niobium that treats with molybdenum to stiffen the matrix of alloy. This Inconel grade prevents stress corrosion cracking in chloride media and offers high fatigue strength. The nickel alloy … Continue reading Aqueous corrosion resistant Inconel alloy 625 for oil wells and jet engines