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A major issue in the chemical industry is the control of corrosion and security of chemical processing system and other equipments and preventing corrosive effects of the various commercially significant acids and bases  that are developed and used by the chemical processing plants. Environmental security is of extreme significance to the processing units. Unanticipated corrosion … Continue reading Why Monel alloy 400 for service in chemical media?

Carbon Steels: Economical materials with nominal corrosion resistance. It is used in small temperature and stress applications where the measured medium secures it from corrosion, oils, petroleum and tars. Highest temperature about 530oC. Large strength steels utilized in pressure vessels and industrial boiler plant. Prevention of attack in chloroform, cleaning agents, food products and carbon … Continue reading Heat resistant alloys for security tubes

An engineer usually begins with alloys that meet the stress and mechanical factors. This post shows the significant information to make critical estimate on the effects of natural conditions on the cupronickel alloys. It is also important to receive a personal experience with the metals. Normal temperature and pH values are significant for any application. … Continue reading Cupronickel alloys for preventing biofouling

Stainless steel is a versatile material, initially used for cutlery, soon it became one of the crucial materials in the chemical industry for its excellent corrosion resistance properties. Now corrosion resistance is an essential factor and the mechanical properties of this material are popularized. Below you will discover a count of applications where stainless steel … Continue reading Applications of stainless steel grades

Latest technologies and enhanced methods use tools to receive bigger and complex tool-making techniques for more challenging conditions. Tooling is essential however usually underrated silent contributor for each well deigned complex component. It can also be very expensive factor for any component’s production. In an aerospace facility it has been recently stated that the tool … Continue reading Invar featured tooling for reduced cost and higher efficiency